Reference Letter Sample for a College Student

Crafting a Strong Recommendation

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A reference or recommendation letter should only be written when you know the student reasonably well. Start off by introducing your, describe how you know the candidate and confirm any relevant facts about him--for instance, if you worked together, if he was your student, or if you supervised her internship. Then offer your judgement about the candidate's skills and abilities, detailing any exceptional qualities.

Use concrete examples to demonstrate how the student excelled and succeeded. Lastly, extend an offer to follow up with additional details as needed.

Sample Job Recommendation Letter for College Student

Here's a sample reference letter to recommend a student for employment.

Dear Mr. Smith:

I have had the pleasure of supervising John Brown for the past three years while he worked in various capacities for the career office at Star College. Mr. Brown has performed superbly in every role he took on in the office and has far exceeded expectations for productivity. I have worked with over 200 student workers during my tenure with the office and John stands out as one of the very best.

In fact, staff view him more as a professional colleague than a student worker and have assigned complex and responsible tasks to him which would not usually be entrusted to students. These tasks include responsibility for maintaining our recruiting database which has a very confusing and complex structure.

John is extremely well organized and detail oriented in his approach to tasks. He masters projects quickly with his keen intellect and carries them out in a precise and error free manner. We are often pleasantly surprised when John finishes a task ahead of time and marvel at how he has done so with such thoroughness and efficiency.

John was originally hired in a reception role given his strong interpersonal and communication skills. He quickly learned about an extensive array of resources and services available to our clients and excelled at sharing information with his peers. His consistently positive attitude and air of calm confidence enabled him to comfortably interface with students, alumni, employers and other clientele. Based on his strong performance in that role, he was hired as our summer office assistant where he provided outstanding administrative support to the entire staff. John worked independently on office projects and took the initiative to improve systems when it was warranted. The following fall we hired him again to help manage our recruiting database based on very successful summer stint.

I give John my highest recommendation as an extremely bright employee with an extraordinarily positive attitude. I am confident he will perform better on the job than you can anticipate or imagine. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this exceptional young man.


Jane Doe
Director, Career Office

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