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Reference Letter Sample - Business School

Recommendation Letter Sample for Business School

Recommendation for Julie Johnson

I have worked closely with Julie Johnson during the past two years while she has served as a peer advisor in the Career Services Office. Ms. Johnson is an exceptionally motivated and talented young woman. I firmly believe that she will be successful in whatever she pursues.

Ms. Johnson has a very sharp mind and is very perceptive in her ability to read people and situations.

Julie is strongly committed to the organizations for which she works. She assertively addresses problems and exhibits a maturity beyond her years in her approach to situations.

Julie has digested large volumes of information in her role as CDA. She has shown the ability to clearly explain complex concepts to our clientele. She has developed very strong relationships with her peers and our professional staff.

I am very comfortable with allowing Julie to represent the office to external constituents. This confidence was evidenced by my recent decision to have Julie accompany a group of seniors to a recruiting conference. She effectively interfaced with corporate representatives and gathered a great number of employment leads for students back at campus.

In conclusion, I am certain that Julie will become a very accomplished business person and graduate student in Business. She possesses the right combination of drive, intelligence, and interpersonal skills to excel.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this extraordinary young woman.


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Director, Career Office

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