Recommendation Letters for Employment

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When writing a recommendation letter for employment, it is helpful to review what information is typically included, and common formatting. Ask the person for whom you are writing the recommendation for a copy of their resume, and the job posting if possible, so you can be specific in your endorsement of the candidate.

The most effective recommendations show a strong proven correlation between the candidate’s skills and experience and those required for success in the position they are applying for.

Looking at examples of recommendation letters can help you to make your endorsement of the candidate as convincing as possible.

Employment Recommendation Letter Examples

Here are a selection of reference and recommendation letters covering a wide variety of situations that you can use to get ideas for your own letters. See examples below, including employee recommendation letters, letters from supervisors, recommendation letters for a promotion, letters from previous employers, personal reference letters, and other employment related recommendation letters.

Email Reference Letter Example
What an email reference letter should look like.

Employee Recommendation Letter Example
Here is a letter written by a manager, recommending an employee.

Employment Recommendation Example
You might be asked by a former employee to write a recommendation, as in this example.

Recommendation Letter for a Co-Worker
How to write a great recommendation letter for a co-worker, a sample letter, and tips for what to include.

Recommendation Letter from a Manager
As a supervisor, you may be asked to write a recommendation for a current member of your team.

Recommendation Example from a Manager #2
If you are moving on, you may be asked by a valued employee for a reference letter before you leave.

Recommendation Letter Sample from a Previous Employer
Managers from previous positions may be asked for a recommendation, as they can provide a unique perspective.

Reference Letter Explaining a Lay-Off
It can be helpful to have a manager explain in a reference the reasons for a lay-off.

Reference Letter Sample for an Employee
Employers will be well qualified to recommend former employees based on their knowledge of the skills they used when they worked for them.

Sample Recommendation Letter for an Employee #2
A general recommendation can be helpful to keep on file, in case someone needs one right away.

Sample Recommendation Letter for a Promotion
As a manager, you are the best person to endorse one of your employees seeking promotion within the company.

Sample Recommendation Letter for a Summer Employee
Especially for students, some of the strongest references may come from the supervisors of their summer jobs.

Sample Reference Letter from a Teacher
Teachers are in an excellent position to provide recommendations for their current and former students.

Personal Employment Recommendation Letter
Here is an example written for a nanny, which highlights the skills required in the position that will transfer well to other businesses.

Personal Recommendation Letter
Personal references can be valuable, as they can often highlight relevant skills that the candidate has utilized in areas of their life other than their current career.

Recommendation Letter Template
Use this template as a starting point for writing your own letter of recommendation.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation
When you are asked to write a letter of recommendation, you will want to be sure that you give the candidate the most effective endorsement you can. Get advice on how to write a letter of recommendation, including what to include in each section of the letter, how to send it, and sample letters of recommendation for employment and academics.

More Letter Of Recommendation Samples
Review reference letter and email message samples including academic recommendations, business reference letters and character, personal and professional references. Looking at samples of letters of recommendation can help to give you ideas about what to include and how to format the reference letters you are asked to write.

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