Reasons eBay Knows No Seasons

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Henglein and Steets/Getty Images

Part of selling on eBay is about the thrill of the hunt. Finding cast-off items that you can buy cheap, then turn around and sell for a nice profit online to a stranger. This is a process eBay sellers become addicted to. But what if the item is seasonal, holiday related, or not appropriate for the climate you live in? Not to worry.

Seasonal items sell year-round on eBay. Waiting until the appropriate season or holiday is the same as leaving money on the table.

Not a little money, but a lot of money. Let’s take a look at a few reasons eBay sellers should list items as soon as possible and not wait until later.

You Are Not Your Customer

Stop assuming you know what they are thinking, what they want to buy, or what their lifestyle is. This is the biggest mistake eBay sellers make — assuming they know what buyers want or will buy. Do you collect Christmas ornaments? Collectors are looking for items to add to their collection. If they see the perfect Christopher Radko ornament for sale in March, they may buy it because they want it for their collection. Maybe you wouldn’t buy a Christmas ornament in the summer, but collectors will.

Do you work in an office where the boss keeps the air conditioning at arctic levels in the summer? Plenty of people in all states across the USA have this problem. This is one reason sweaters, blazers, and business casual jackets sell in the summer.

Do you have an elderly parent who is always cold? Elderly people are often cold all the time — this is a side effect of the aging process. They like their flannel pajamas and cardigan sweaters year round. Get out of your own head. Just because you wouldn’t buy something doesn’t mean nobody would. Keep an open mind and do the research so you can make informed decisions about listing items in the off-season.

Christmas in July Is Real

A common misconception is that Christmas in July is a marketing strategy for businesses to clear out old Christmas stock to prepare for the next season. This is partially true. You may not know that in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are opposite from the United States so their December 25 is in the summer. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, French Polynesia, and Angola all experience December 25 when it is blazing hot. They celebrate Christmas in July during their winter so they can enjoy a winter Christmas during their coldest month and have a warm crackling fire, snow, or other wintery things along with Christmas decorations and festivities.

It Is Always Warm Enough to Swim or Ski Somewhere

People vacation year round. Cruises, ski trips, beach resort getaways, business trips, and honeymoons happen year round. Travelers may not have what they need for the climate they are traveling to. It is difficult to find bathing suits in January or winter clothing locally in the off-season. eBay is the perfect answer to finding the perfect item for an off-season trip. (As a matter of fact, many eBay sellers will agree that January is the best month for swimwear sales.) It is commonplace for parents and grandparents to give cruises as gifts for Christmas to the whole family.

Disney Cruises are very popular — and the family will need clothing for the trip. eBay to the rescue.

The Seasons Are Opposite in the Southern Hemisphere

While we are celebrating spring in the United States, autumn is happening in the Southern Hemisphere. One country to focus on for international sales is Australia, as it is not a manufacturing country. Very few consumer products are made in Australia. They mostly purchase from Asia, Europe, and the United States. While our country is bursting at the seams with consumer goods, most people in other countries don’t have that luxury. Sweaters sell well in the summer months, and many are shipped internationally. Another country to keep in mind is Canada. The average annual temperature for the country of Canada is less than 60 degrees — that’s pretty chilly.

Make sure you include Australia and Canada on your list of countries to ship to. Otherwise, you are missing opportunities for sales.

These examples show that eBay has no seasons. If you have purchased an item to sell, list it as soon as possible. Unlisted items can’t sell and a buyer may be waiting for the very item you have found.