Real Estate Listing Syndication - How to Get It Done

You Don't Have to Jump Through Hoops to Get Your Listings on Multiple Sites

Real estate listing syndication is not something you can ignore. Every day, listings are won or lost in the presentation phase based on web exposure. The unfortunate fact is that many of the losers actually could have walked away with the listing, even when competing against the brokerage in town boasting the greatest web traffic.

The fact is, the number of visitors a local real estate site manages to gather is a bit like comparing the eye of a needle to the universe.

The many millions of website visits each month to real estate sites are by far concentrated on certain national portals and search engines. Realtors get their listings automatically syndicated to via the MLS. However, most of them stop there.

Most local real estate sites, whether brokerage or agent owned, have their listings on their site and However, many do not have them on major highly-trafficked sites like:


There are others, but these are some of the more popular sites on which we can have our real estate listings displayed through syndication. You can go to each of these sites and manually enter your listing's information. Some website providers do it for you, such as Point2Agent. What do you do if your site provider doesn't do this, and you'd like to do it in a more effective way than manual entry?

Without any particular order or recommendation, there are some sites out there that provide syndication of your listings once you've entered the information just once.

Some are free, and some offer this service as part of a larger package of marketing services. You enter your listing, usually with photos and all details, and these sites get it syndicated to a list of sites. Check them out carefully, as well as the sites to which they syndicate.

Don't waste time in getting your listings syndicated to as many acceptable major sites as possible. Then prepare a list of those sites, "syndication list", and take it into your listing presentations. Never lose a listing again just because an agent or broker is touting the traffic to their local site.