Real Estate Listing Syndication

It's Not Hard and It's Free

There are a number of advantages one brokerage can tout that can cause a competing agent to walk out of a listing presentation a loser. One that shouldn't happen nearly as often as it does is the Internet exposure statement.

All a seller really wants to know is "what's in it for them" when you're in the listing presentation.  They want to know how you're going to get their home sold, how soon, and for what price.  You're going to show them how the CMA works, talk to them about their home's position in the market, and how to make it look better for showings.

But, when it gets down to it, they want to see how much exposure you will get for their home.  Any site can use real estate listing syndication to expose their seller's home to millions of visitors every month. Learn about it here.

How Listings are Lost and Why It Doesn't Have to Happen

Computer Marketing a Listing
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Listing presentations are stressful enough without going in with unnecessary baggage. This article describes actual experiences of listing brokers in presentations. They lost listings to the "best web exposure" marketing of their competitors. Unfortunately, this did not need to happen, and it would not have cost them a cent to blow this competitor advantage out of the water.

A listing presentation isn't just a show and tell thing.  Ask questions, especially about what they consider good marketing.  Ask them how they have done their research on the Web.  They'll probably name a couple of the big websites, and that's your intro to tell them about listing syndication and how it works. More

What Sites are Best for Real Estate Listing Syndication?

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Though the generally accepted practice is to get listings exposed on as many sites as possible, there may be some you'd rather pass on. This is mostly a philosophical and marketing decision. Learn in this article what you might want to consider when selecting syndication partners. There are also some stunning traffic statistics in this article.

As MLS systems have improved, many local MLS offices have an automated syndication feature built into the MLS software.  If so, check it out and make sure your listings are getting shared across the covered sites. More

Real Estate Listng Syndication Made Simple

LIsting syndication
Diverse Solutions Mapping IDX. Jim Kimmons

Learn in this article who the major players are, and the sites you'll want to partner with in real estate listing syndication. There are online services that can streamline the process for you, and most of them are free. Get links to resources here.

There are third party syndication tools and resources as well.  Check some of them out.  Be especially watchful of what information they pull from the MLS.  If you enter the information, be sure to see how it is to be removed when the home sells.  You don't want a buyer to see the home they bought months ago on a website listed for sale. More