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You're not even asking for it. You're helping others and they love it.

Web content lifecycle
Web Content Curation. ©canstockphoto

If you've hesitated to start real estate blogging because of the demands on your time for writing, and the need to generate constant new ideas for blog posts, get ready to jump in. I have 785 blog posts on my real estate blog. It's my only web presence, my website, and hosts my IDX search as well. So, it's where I hang my hat on the web.

The blog is only 14 months old as I write this, and it carries a current Google Pagerank of 4, with position five on the first page of search results for the most competitive key phrase for our market, "taos real estate." And, a great part of the credit goes to those 785 posts in that 420 +/- day lifespan.

But, if you think I wrote all of those, think again. At least a quarter of them, more likely a third or more, have been handed to me on a silver platter.

Over a hundred of them came from, and still are, a town employee tasked with promoting the town to residents and tourists. She sends out weekly emails, sometimes two to four a week. They highlight things going on in the town, town meeting agendas and minutes, and other government and business information. They are usually anywhere from 500 to 1000 words in length, and the only way they are sent out is via email. That's important, as they are not posted on the town website, as it's just too much trouble for them to do so. They just have an extensive email list to which they are sent.

When I received the first one, I asked this person if she was posting them on the web, and was told she was not. I then asked if she minded if I put them up on my site.

She was thrilled for me to do so, and still is. It is great original content relevant to the town, area, and business. It even touches on real estate topics frequently. All I do is take her emails, copy out the text and images, and paste them into blog posts.

But, don't limit your thinking. What about all of the HOA (Home Owner Assns) in your area?

Subdivisions, smaller incorporated towns, and major organizations are in many cases sending out email newsletters. They don't have a website, or they don't have the ability or money to have this information placed on their sites in a timely manner. All you have to do is offer to help them with getting their information out on your website.

Make it easy on them by offering to let them email you their stuff, or taking it straight out of their email newsletter. It's usually just a copy/paste activity, and I can put up one of these posts in under five minutes, even if it's a 1000+ word item.

It's not just about getting content, but networking in a new way as well. These people will appreciate your blog for promoting their interests, and it will become second nature for them to say something like "Go to to get our latest newsletter if you missed the email. You're networking and making friends of groups who appreciate your help in their promotional efforts.