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Note: Due to Pandora planning to acquire Rdio, the service will ​shutdown on December 22, 2015.

Rdio is a superb music streaming website because, unlike its competitors, it lets you play any specific song or album that you want, free of charge. You can even build custom playlists, replay songs over and over again, and stream by specific artists only.

Rdio also lets you create and browse through stations using their free mobile app, which are collections of recommended songs that are similar to the ones you enjoy.

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More About Rdio

Rdio can be used through a web browser as well as with mobile and desktop apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Windows desktop users.


  • Has tens of millions of free songs
  • Works in over 80 countries
  • Supports building custom playlists
  • Able to rewind and fast forward through songs
  • Skip an unlimited number of songs through the desktop version
  • Recommends similar music to what you like
  • Desktop and mobile software aren't hard to use


  • Supported by advertisements/commercials
  • Mobile app is much more limited than the desktop version
  • A user account is required
  • Mobile app limits the number of skips you can perform

Following is more information on Rdio:

  • The mobile app can only play stations. It can't stream your favorite tracks and albums, nor can it rewind or fast forward through songs - such features are only available from the web and desktop version
  • A list of all the songs, stations, and albums that you favorite are sent to the "Favorites" section of your profile, where you can listen to them individually or through a unique station that's built around just your favorites songs
  • Stations can be found that are full of one artist only so you can listen to all of their songs from all of their albums, as well as mix it up to discover recommended music, too
  • Playlists can contain albums and songs
  • You can search for users, invite people to Rdio, and follow friends from Twitter and Facebook to discover the music they're listening to
  • While listening to music with Rdio, you can easily make a new station based on a song that's playing
  • Mobile app lets you skip over 6 songs per hour, while the desktop software and site allows you to skip an unlimited number of songs for free
  • You can browse through recommended music and see why Rdio is suggesting you listen to those albums
  • The mobile app can be setup on a sleep timer to stop playing music after a specified time, like 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes, among other intervals
  • Giving a thumbs up to a song will tell Rdio to play more music like that, while a thumbs down has the opposite effect
  • Stations can be found by those that are trending among all Rdio users as well as those that your friends follow
  • You can see the last song that played along with the upcoming song
  • From a web browser, you can view your listening history and favorite songs or add them to a playlist even after you've listened to them
  • From the mobile app, you can hold your finger down on a song to quickly add it to your favorites, build a new station based on that track, and share the station with others over social media sites and text
  • Additional features like streaming your favorite tracks and albums on mobile, downloading songs for offline playback, and high quality streaming, can be had by paying for Rdio Unlimited

My Thoughts on Rdio

I absolutely love using Rdio. The desktop software is really handy and easy to use, but all the awesome features are also available through a web browser from any computer.

The fact that you can rewind and fast forward through songs makes you wonder why the service is free. This is something I haven't found with many other music streaming websites, so it's wonderful to see it here with Rdio.

As you can see from above, there are plenty of things that keep me coming back to Rdio, but there are of course a couple things I don't like about it.

Firstly, I find that there are lots of commercials, but I can't tell for sure if they come after an X number of minutes or if they appear after you've skipped over a certain number of songs.

Either way, though, I still find it acceptable to show some of them so long as you can use the service for free.

I like to stream music to my phone, so the fact that you can only listen to stations on Rdio's mobile app is a big letdown. All the great features you get with desktop version like playing your favorited songs, listening to playlists, streaming specific tracks, and rewinding/fast forwarding isn't available with the mobile app.

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