Which New York Radio Shack Store Locations Are Closing in What Cities?

All New York, Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo RadioShack Stores Closing

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Question: Which New York Radio Shack Store Locations Are Closing in 2014 in What Cities?

After Radio Shack announced in 2014 that it was planning to close 1,100 of its retail electronics stores throughout the U.S., consumers, retailers, and investors immediately wanted to know which locations would be closing in which states. Specifically New York consumers, retailers, and investors wanted to know...

Which New York Radio Shack store locations are closing in 2014 and in which New York cities will the Radio Shack closings be happening? How many New York Radio Shack electronics stores will close in New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and in total? What are the addresses and closing sales dates of Radio Shack in the state of New York?

Answer: The 1,100 store closings in 2014 never took place because lender agreements specified that mass closings would not be permitted.  So, only 200 RadioShack underperforming retail store locations were closed in 2014.  In order to keep the RadioShack retail chain viable throughout the 2015 Christmas Holiday Shopping season, additional financing was secured.

This led to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in February, 2015.  As part of that Chapter 11 reorganization, RadioShack almost immediately started the liquidation of 1,482 retail brick-and-mortar store locations.

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New York RadioShack Store Closing Locations, Addresses, and Liquidation Sale Information:

At least 144 RadioShack retail stores are closed or will be closing in 2015 including:

RadioShack Amherst
Boulevard Mall
Amherst, NY

RadioShack Batavia
Hornell Plaza Shopping Center
Batavia, NY

Binghamton Shop Plaza
33 West State Street
Binghamton, NY

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