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Test Your Knowledge With This Social Security Retirement Benefit Quiz!

Man lecturing on Social Security retirement benefits.
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1. You are eligible to receive full Social Security retirement benefits at what age?

At what age can you begin to collect Social Security retirement benefits?. Peathegee Inc/Getty Images

2. How long do you have to be married in order to be eligible for a widow or widower Social Security benefit?

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3. Which of the following best describes how your Social Security retirement benefits are taxed?

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4. True or False? You should take Social Security benefits as early as possible.

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5. True or False? You can collect Social Security benefits based on the earnings record of an ex-spouse.

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6. When calculating your benefit amount, Social Security uses which of the following?

Calculating Social Security benefits is complicated. alexsl/Getty Images

7. If a current or former spouse gets a benefit based on your earnings record, is your benefit amount affected?

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8. Upon the death of a spouse, if you have been married long enough, you continue to receive which types of benefits?

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9. Social Security pays a lump sum death benefit to an eligible survivor in the amount of?

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10. True or False? Your Social Security benefits will be reduced if you work while you are receiving benefits.

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Social Security Quiz

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Congratulations! You know a lot about Social Security retirement benefits! Be sure to share what you know with others.

Social Security Quiz

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You know a fair amount about Social Security, but there's room to fill in the gaps in your knowledge. Learning more can help you make better decisions when you retire.

Social Security Quiz

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As you near retirement, you'll want to fill in the gaps in your knowledge so you can make the best decisions about your Social Security retirement benefits.