Quicken Won't Download or Update Transactions

How to troubleshoot when Quicken isn't updating transactions

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Several issues could be causing your Quicken finance software to fail at downloading transactions, from issues with account settings to server maintenance at your financial institution. The following common issues and suggestions can help resolve these issues when Quicken isn't updating your transactions correctly.

Check Your Internet Connection

This is a simple and obvious one, so check first to make sure you have a working connection to the internet. Visit a website you go to often (a search website such as Google or Bing will work). If you're able to connect to the site and perform a search, then your internet connection itself is likely not the problem.

Financial Institution Servers Offline

When you're having trouble downloading transactions, next look to the financial institution that you're attempting to download the transactions from. Often, banks and online brokerages will post a notice on their website or send out an email alert to customers if they will be performing any maintenance that will impact your access to your data.

Check the bank website for notices, and check your email for a message from your financial institution regarding planned outages, maintenance or scheduled downtime. You may simply need to wait a few hours before you can complete a download.

Incorrect Account Settings in Quicken

If server maintenance isn't an issue, check the account information in your Quicken settings against the information from your financial institution on how to set up Quicken downloads. Did you recently change your financial institution account password through their website?

Has there been any suspicious activity or other security concern with your account that may have prompted the financial institution to reset your password or lock your account? If you're unsure but cannot access your account, contact their customer support for assistance.

Issues at the Bank

In some cases, you'll be missing transactions because they haven't yet cleared the bank, in the case of a check, for example. The bank likely marked the transaction as pending, and won't include the transaction in your download until it's fully completed.

If you attempt to manually download your bank transactions using Web Connect, you might miss transactions because the bank won't allow you to download the most recent transactions until the monthly statement has closed.

Double-Check Your Quicken Entries

If you're having trouble with just one or a few transactions, you might need to dig into your Quicken data to find them. In some cases, you might find have a missing transaction because it was previously deleted.

Quicken won't automatically re-download deleted transactions, so you'll need to re-enter the transaction manually. Check to see if a missing transaction was moved to another account register, or if the missing transaction could have been incorrectly matched up to another transaction in your company's account register.

Do You Get a Specific Error?

If you get a specific error message and code when attempting to access your financial institution to download and update transactions, check the error code on Quicken's website for a specific explanation of what may be happening.

Common Quicken error messages you may receive include:

Error CC-501: This is not a problem with your financial institution, but rather an issue with Quicken. Check the error page for solutions.

Error CC-506: This error can result when Quicken attempts to access a financial institution account that has been closed, or the account number or information has changed on the financial institution's website.

Error CC-508: This is likely caused when your financial institution has changed its website, added a new web page or introduced a pop-up window (such as a request to verify or update your personal contact information) that requires an action by you to continue.

Other Solutions

If your Quicken settings look correct compared to recommendations from your financial institution (also referred to as your "FI" in some support documentation for Quicken), try the following:

  1. Call or email your financial institution and ask if anything has changed with the Quicken setup, or if they are having problems with their file servers.
  2. Wait a couple of hours and then attempt to download transactions again. Beyond scheduled maintenance or downtimes for a financial institution, there may also be an unscheduled outage or even a temporary internet outage between you and your financial institution that is beyond their control but is preventing access to their servers.
  3. See the Quicken Customer Service website, which has solutions for frequent issues listed under various categories.
  1. If you don't find your answer on the Quicken Customer Service site, call Quicken Customer service at 800-811-8766.