Quicken 2015 First Look Review

Quicken 2015 review explains two big new additions to the annually-updated personal finance software for Windows with mobile apps: credit scores and an investment analysis tool. There are five versions of Quicken personal finance software for basic to advanced users. Compare Quicken 2015 versions, features and prices to decide which will work best for you.

First Look at Quicken 2015

Quicken 2015 adds quarterly credit score reports.
Quicken 2015 Credit Score Report. Intuit/Quicken

Quicken 2015 added a new credit score feature powered by Equifax with advice for keeping your score higher. Quicken Credit Score is updated quarterly at no charge to you, and gives you a detailed report along with your credit score. This feature is available in all versions of Quicken 2015.

To set up Quicken Credit Score, you'll need to enter your name, address, birthdate and social security number. This information goes to Equifax, which then responds by sending back a few questions with multiple choice answers about recent financial activity that the company has on file for you. Be sure to answer these questions accurately because they are used as a layer of security by Equifax. If any answers are incorrect, Quicken can't download your score.

You'll also need to agree to Quicken Credit Score and Monitoring Terms of Service to get the credit score report. By agreeing, you may receive "... customized information, educational materials and targeted or pre-qualified offers." I interpret this to mean that you may see a few credit card or loan offers in the future, and it's probably the price you pay for a quarterly credit score. In my opinion, it's a fair trade off, considering that an unexpected change in your credit score can alert you to identity theft and you get just one free credit score per year from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax via AnnualCreditReport.com.

Here is what you get with Quicken Credit Score report, in addition to your credit score. Each of these factors influence your score and credit that may be extended to you when you apply for it:

  • Credit usage, which tells you how much you spend on all of your credit cards as a percentage of your total available credit limits.
  • Payment history, which shows if you've been paying bills on time.
  • Age of credit, or the average amount of time you've had your open credit accounts.
  • Total number of accounts you have open.
  • Credit inquiries placed on your account by lenders.
  • Derogatory marks, which are entries regarding accounts in collection, liens, and bankruptcies. These stay on your account for seven years.



Portfolio X-Ray in Quicken 2015

Portfolio X-Ray in Quicken Premier 2015 personal finance software.
Portfolio X-Ray in Quicken Premier 2015. Intuit/Quicken

In my Quicken reviews of the past few years, I've suggested that the investment account support in Quicken Deluxe was probably sufficient for most people. I have changed my opinion with Quicken 2015. Spending another $30 for Quicken Premier is worth the cost to get the Portfolio X-Ray report. This feature is available in Quicken Home & Business as well.

Portfolio X-Ray is powered by Morningstar, an investment research company that's been in business for decades.. This detailed report will show you comprehensive yet easy-to-understand facts about your entire portfolio - stocks and mutual funds included. When you hold multiple securities in your portfolio, your investments can become overweighted by sector, risk and other measurements. Use Portfolio X-Ray to keep your portfolio balanced to your comfort level, something that's especially difficult to do without a tool like this if you own multiple mutual funds or hold stocks at more than one brokerage.

Portfolio X-Ray shows your asset allocation, sector weightings, stock holdings within mutual funds and portfolio performance against benchmarks and indexes. Explanations of each section of results helps you decide whether to leave your portfolio in place or to buy and sell some securities to balance exposure to sectors and risk.