Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before Signing Up for Email Marketing

Small Business Email Marketing
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Editor's Note: The following is a guest post from Josh Smith, an email marketing best practices expert at AWeber, a provider of small business email marketing software.

As a small business owner, you are always looking for additional ways to market your business. With a daily barrage of different forms of advertising, one way to target those who are truly interested in your business is to use email marketing.

It allows you to communicate with those people who have already told you that they want to hear more from you.

So, to get started it’s as easy as searching for an email marketing service and choosing one to sign up with, right? Not so fast, let’s think about this. What are your goals? What are you expecting out of this venture? There are some things you should think about before signing up to a service to get you set-up and started on the right track.

What is the Focus?

Think about your business and where its focus is. Take some time to write down what you are passionate about with this business and why you started it in the first place. With your email marketing, these are things you won’t want to lose sight of and things you should touch on consistently. Businesses that do lose sight of this passion often end up losing the special relationship they have with their customers. Instead, keep these points with you and use them to develop, strengthen and maintain those relationships through email marketing.

What you stand for is another big part of why your business even exists. Continuing to drive that passion and putting a focus on your business’s key differentiators will help develop the repeat customers; which we all know is the most coveted type of customer.

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How Do You Want to Use Email?

There are so many things you can do with email marketing, but many businesses who are successful with it, start out without a clear goal on how they are going to be using it. Before we start sending off emails to customers, we need to think about what the end goal is. Some examples can be driving traffic to your company’s site, sharing news about your business, or even providing special deals that you want to only offer to this select group of people who subscribe to your emails.

Find your goal. There can be multiple, but keep in mind we don’t want to overwhelm customers. Whether you are updating, educating, or selling to your customers, stick to that plan.

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What Will You Offer to Help Grow Your Audience?

We pointed out setting up goals and creating a focus for your email marketing efforts, but what are you going to actually be sending? How are you going to get visitors and customers to sign up? Incentivised sign-ups are typically very successful. This can be a free educational PDF or a 10% off discount code for signing up to your emails. Make it worth your audience’s time for trusting you with their email inbox.

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Some email services even have completely automated sending, which they call an autoresponder. This would allow you to send a predetermined series of emails to customers based on something they’ve purchased from you or something you have even offered for free. For instance, with an incentivised signup, it will automatically send people what was offered when they provided their email address to you.

The autoresponder takes away the headaches that can happen from customers not getting what was promised. Always remember to make sure you are sticking to exactly what the user signed up for. Deviating from that can set your emails up for spam complaints and other negative things that can prevent users from receiving your email.

Sticking to these points will get you started on the right foot, allowing you to sign up for an email marketing service and immediately dive into your account to start sending awesome emails that will promote and grow your business. Most people getting into email marketing will not have an overnight success story. It takes time and dedication. However, having goals and a passionate focus will set you up for success.

About the Author: Josh Smith is an email marketing best practices expert at AWeber, a provider of small business email marketing software.