Purr & Simple Natural Cat Litter

Earth-Friendly, Natural Cat Litter

Purr & Simple Cat Litter
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The Bottom Line

Purr & Simple is an excellent natural cat litter produced by an extremely well-run company that clearly has the best interests of both pets and the planet at heart.


  • All natural and biodegradable
  • Good clumping; doesn't stick to the litter pan
  • Good odor control, especially the clumping formula
  • Dust-free, with low tracking
  • Compostable


  • Expensive, although long-lasting
  • Difficult to find in retail stores, at least in my region


    • Available in a clumping and pellet formulas
    • A light, slightly woodsy scent
    • Both formulas are dark brown in color

    Guide Review - Purr & Simple Natural Cat Litter

    Aside from healthy cat food, natural cat litter is an extremely important pet product.
    Cat litter can, indeed, have a profound effect on a kitty’s health, for better or worse.

    For one, cat litters that are high in dust have been linked to upper respiratory issues in kitties. Moreover, cat litters treated with synthetic chemicals, such as those containing fragrances, can be potentially toxic by virtue of the fact that cats lick their paws.

    Not only is Purr & Simple (which is available in both clumping and pellet formulas) an excellent cat litter in that it is safe for pets, it is an earth-friendly pet product that helps to dramatically reduce a kitty's "carbon paw print."

    Unique All-Natural Ingredients

    Composed of all-natural, biodegradable, compostable, recycled tree-nut materials, both formulas of this cat litter are as earth-friendly as you can get.

    I also have to say that Eco-Shell, Inc., the Corning, Ca., company that manufacturers this natural cat litter, is extremely professional and thorough.

    Not only did company rep Ashley Williams answer my e-mails and queries in a prompt, courteous, enthusiastic manner, the company sent me arguably the most outstandingly comprehensive package of product samples and information I have ever encountered.

    In addition to four 10-pound bags of both the clumping and pellet cat litter formulas for Omar to try, the package also contained a beautifully constructed press kit with:

    • An independent laboratory ammonia odor test report (conducted by Pacific Testing, Inc. of Valencia, Ca.)
    • Glowing testimonials, most notably from Dr. Raymond John, CEO of the Haven Humane Society of Redding, Ca.
    • A promotional CD
    • Product brochure

    Aside from this - and this really impressed me - the package included a cylindrical cardboard tube containing six jars of samples of leading cat litters (without mentioning names), each containing a small vial of ammonia and detailed instructions so that I could conduct my own home test.

    I conducted the test for the fun of it, and because the company had gone through the trouble of sending me these materials.

    But the proof is in the pudding. (Or the 'pudder,' in this case.) Through the years, I have tried just about every cat litter on the market. I can attest that this is one of the best there is.

    What a Clump!

    I admit that I like the "Kwik-Klump" clumping formula better than the pellet variety. The former has superior odor control, and does not stick to the litter pan; the clumps appear on the top of the litter when a cat urinates.

    I have to say that this is the best clumping natural cat litter I have tried thus far.
    As for the pellet formula, I had more difficulty locating and separating my cat's feces, mainly because of its dense consistency and the fact that it was the same color as Omar's doodies.

    But that's just our personal preference.

    All in all Purr & Simple natural cat litter is an excellent pet product produced by a superior company.
    Omar and I highly recommend it.