Purchasing Job Titles

Duties, Skills and Types of Positions

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Purchasers buy a range of products and services for organizations, working to get the best deal on quality and price.  To do so, they review sales records and inventory, research suppliers and keep abreast of the trends affecting the supply and demand of the products they need.

Choosing and evaluating suppliers is one of their most important functions. Many organizations run on  "just-in-time" inventories to keep their budget lean, thus putting more pressure on filling the supply chain efficiently to keep business humming.

Duties of Buyers and Purchasing Agents

Buyers and purchasing agents typically have the following responsibilities:

  • Negotiate contracts for their company
  • Assess suppliers along with the price, quality and ease of delivery of their products and services
  • Keep accurate records of items, costs, deliveries and inventory
  • Meet with vendors, visiting their distribution locations to discuss products and prices
  • Work out agreements with suppliers, such as when products will be delivered
  • Analyze proposals and financial reports to determine reasonable prices
  • Go to meetings, trade shows and conferences to keep abreast of industry trends and network with suppliers
  • Deal with defective goods or problematic services and take necessary action with vendors
  • Ensure that vendors comply with contracts and assess the need for changes

Core Skills for Buyers and Purchasing Agents

Analytical skills: Buyers and purchasing agents have to analyze many variables in order to choose a supplier based on price, service, delivery and quality.

Negotiation skills. Negotiating the terms of a contract with a supplier is essential. Interpersonal skills are part of that package to engage successful negotiations and resolution.

Mathematical ability. Buyers and purchasing agents need basic math skills to assess cost and make sure their company is getting a good deal.

Decision making: Buyers and purchasing agents must have the ability to make informed decisions to choose the best products to meet their needs.

Purchasing Job Titles

The following is a list of job titles for purchasing and procurement positions.


  • Automotive Credit Buyer
  • Buyer 
  • Buyer, Produce
  • Buyer-Planner
  • Buyer Assistant
  • Buyer Engagement Team Lead
  • Senior Buyer
  • Special Programs Buyer
  • Strategic Buyer
  • Supply Chain Buyer
  • Tactical Buyer
  • Technical Buyer/Estimator
  • Vendor Coordinator
  • Carrier Procurement Representative
  • Contract and Pricing Analyst
  • Contracts Administrator
  • Coordinator Materials Management
  • Cost Engineer
  • Associate Buyer for Baby Care
  • Associate Buyer for Cookies and Crackers
  • Prototype Buyer
  • Retail Manager -  Buyer
  • Women's Fashion Apparel Buyer
  • Administrative Assistant Buyer
  • MRO Buyer
  • Merchant Assistant


  • Director of Purchasing
  • AP Accounts Payable/Purchasing Specialist
  • Gas Resource Purchasing Coordinator
  • Purchase and Specialty Service Scheduling Coordinator 
  • Purchase Escrow Officer
  • Purchase Post-Closing Auditor
  • Purchase Pre-Closing Auditor
  • Purchaser
  • Purchase Tile Curative Officer
  • Purchasing/Inventory Analyst
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Purchasing Clerk
  • Purchasing Expeditor
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Assistant Procurement Manager
  • Global Procurement Sourcing Analyst
  • Inventory Planner


  • Leasing Materials Analyst
  • Master Scheduler
  • Materials Analyst
  • Procurement Analyst
  • Procurement Assistant
  • Proposal Pricing Analyst
  • Replenishment Analyst
  • Materials Planner
  • Senior Planner


  • Pricing Specialist
  • Procurement Account Specialist - Chemical
  • Sourcing Specialist
  • Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Supplier Quality Specialist

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