How to Publish Children's Books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

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Children’s books are one of the most enjoyable and profitable niches an aspiring author can write in.  In our fast-paced world where online content is frequently of inferior quality, parents are desperately searching for real material that can entertain and educate their youngsters. Consumers of children’s books are fiercely loyal to authors they like. Therefore, start producing work that expresses your passion for good children’s literature, and market yourself to glory!

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There are other platforms, but you can’t go wrong with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) system. You can gain access to the lucrative Kindle device market, without having to find a publishing agent or publishing house to back your efforts. Amazon Kindle makes it easy to convert your manuscript into e-books and sell them in the Amazon Kindle Store to millions of eager readers worldwide.

Preparing Your Children’s Book for Amazon Kindle

You will need to download Kindle’s Kids’ Book Creator software to help you create the illustrated kids books that are in demand today. Choose either the PC or Mac version. The manuscript itself can be written in several editors, although Microsoft Word is most recommended for formatting your document for Kindle (.doc/.docx files). KDP relieves you from having to use complex conversion tools to get everything Kindle ready.

Please refer to my article, How to Write Children's Books on Kindle for Fun and Profit for more manuscript preparation hints and details.

Publishing Your Children’s Book on Amazon Kindle

Once you have completed your final editing and proofread, sign into Amazon KDP to enter your publishing details. If you have not opened an Amazon account yet, please do so now, and then search for ‘Kindle Direct Publishing’ to get started.


You’ll be prompted to enter mandatory book-specific information like book title and author name, but other details are optional. Amazon’s Age and Grade tools – specific to and – will help readers find your books faster.

For example, the “Baby to Age 2” setting will set board books as the most suitable, “Ages 3-5/Preschool” would be picture books, and “Ages 6-8/Kindergarten-2nd grade” would favor early, leveled readers and first chapter books.  

In addition, KDP’s Cover Creator tool allows you to design and create your cover page if you do not already have one. With Cover Creator, you are free to upload and use your own images, or access KDP’s large gallery of stock images. You will also maintain full font and layout control of the cover.

Editor's Note: I highly recommend having a cover professionally designed from someone with experience in designing book covers for Amazon Kindle.

Promote and Market Your Children’s Book on Amazon Kindle

Take advantage of Amazon’s famous set of book selling widgets that you’ve been seeing all these years! Gain access to powerful merchandising tools like Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions for your children’s books. Enroll in Amazon KDP Select to:

A) Earn Higher Royalties

Earn shares of the KDP Select Global Fund when online readers select your children’s books and read over 10% of any of your books from Kindle Unlimited (paid subscription program in U.S. only as of writing), or borrow your book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. You can also earn a 70% royalty for sales to customers in Japan, India, Brazil and Mexico instead of the standard 35%.

B) Reach New Readers Through the Kindle Owners' Lending Library

Even people who borrow your illustrated children’s book through the Kindle Library will put money in your pocket!  Your reputation will grow quicker and make readers anticipate your next work all that much more.

C) Maximize Your Book’s Sales Potential

Choose between two (2) great promotional tools:

  • Kindle Countdown Deals (time-limited promotional discounting of your children’s book while earning royalties).
  • Amazon’s Free Book Promotion where readers throughout the world can access book free for a limited time.  In case you’re wondering, “free” does work!

 There's never been a better time for aspiring children's books authors to publish a book and reach a large audience. As you build and grow your publishing business you may want to consider publishing on other platforms and distribution channels; and also consider going the route of seeking out a traditional publisher - but getting started with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a great place to get started.

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