Publications for Young Writers

Young Writers Are Getting Published

If you're like many young creative writers, you've been writing for years and now you're ready to try to get published. Fortunately a number of magazines and journals are seeking your work. Click through to check out recent issues and sample stories and poems to see if your work fits what they publish.

Before you send work out, it's worthwhile taking a look at how you should submit your short stories and poems. And if you know of other publications that should be here and aren't, drop me a line!

The Claremont Review

Journal Writing
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The Claremont Review publishes high quality poetry, stories, and short plays by writers aged 13-19. Though it's based in Canada, the Claremont Review showcases writers from all over the English-speaking world.


Though Cicada, a magazine of stories and poems for young adults, is not accepting submissions right now, we listed it at the urging of Leah, who wrote in to remind us that this could change in the future and that Cicada offers regular contests for writers that are worth keeping up with.


© KidSpirit Magazine
Founded in 2008, KidSpirit is an unaffiliated spiritual magazine for young people aged 11-15 of all backgrounds who like to think about "the meaning of life and the big questions that affect us all." More

New Moon (For Girls)

Eighty percent of New Moon's content is written by girls; content written by adults is researched and recommended by girls. Refreshingly, New Moon is also committed to providing an advertising-free space for girls, both online and in print.

Polyphony H. S.

© Polyphony H. S.
Polyphony H. S. is a student-run national magazine of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Although (or perhaps because) the magazine only appears once a year, the writing is top notch.

Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones is a nonprofit magazine for writers aged 8-16 that encourages communication, cooperation, creativity and celebration of cultural and environmental richness. And like New Moon, it's ad free.

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a 30-year-old magazine for young people who love to read, write, and draw. Published in print form every two months, each issue contains 48 pages of stories, poems, book reviews, and illustrations by writers and artists aged 8-13.

Teen Ink

Teen Ink, a monthly magazine, book series, and website written entirely by teens, publishes articles on politics, the environment, health, and culture, as well as poetry, short stories, reviews, and art. Learn more about submitting your work to them here.

Teen Voices (Girls and Young Adult Women)

If you’re a girl or young adult woman between the ages of 13-19, submit your writing, your art, or a description of your activism to Teen Voices, a magazine written by, for, and about teenage girls and young adult women.

What If? (Canadian Writers)

What If? is a Canadian magazine for youth ages 12 and up, published four times a year. What If? is currently accepting material from Canadians 19 years old and under. More