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Directory of Public Auto Sales, Auto Parts & Auto Accessory Companies in U.S.

General Motors Posts 2 Billion Dollar Quarterly Profit
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Only 10.4 million cars and light trucks were sold in the U.S. in 2009, which was a 21% drop from 2008, and the lowest number consumer auto units sold since 1982. Two major U.S. auto makers, Chrysler and General Motors, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009. The General Motors bankruptcy was the largest in the history of the U.S. The fallout of the decline in retail auto sales and the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings was the demise of many auto parts and accessories companies.

While auto sales in the U.S. plunged, auto sales in China soared 45%, and U.S. automakers capitalized on the increased demand there. GM's sales n China rose 67% in 2009 and Ford's Chinese sales were up 44%, according to an AP report.

Even in the midst of reorganization, General Motors retained the highest share of U.S. car sales in 2009, with a 24.6% share. Japanese automaker Toyota had a 15.9% market share in the U.S., Ford had 15.5%, Chrysler had a 10.0% share, and Honda's share of U.S. auto sales was 9.6% in 2009.

Most of the largest retail auto, auto parts, and auto accessories companies in the U.S. are publicly traded on the U.S. stock exchange, not privately owned. This is a complete list of publicly traded auto, auto parts, and auto accessories companies in the U.S. retail industry and their stock symbols. This list is arranged alphabetically according to the company name.

U.S. Retail Autos, Parts & Accessories Companies and their Stock Symbols:
Auto Dealerships:

America's Car-Mart, Inc.

Asbury Automotive Group, Inc.

AutoNation, Inc.

CarMax, Inc.

Copart, Inc.

Group 1 Automotive, Inc.

Lithia Motors, Inc.

The Major Automotive Companies, Inc.

Auto Parts and Accessories Stores:

Advance Auto Parts, Inc.

AutoZone, Inc.

Mile Marker International, Inc.

O'Reilly Automotive, Inc.

Pick-Ups Plus, Inc.

The Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack

U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc.

Universal Manufacturing Co.

More Publicly Traded Retail Companies: