Public Health Major Skills List

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Here's a list of the skills that employers seek when hiring Public Health majors. Skills vary by job, so also review these skills lists for a variety of different occupations.

Highlight the skills you acquired during your classes, campus activities, internships and jobs held during college in your cover letters, resume and job applications.

Public Health Major Skills

A - C

  • Active Listening
  • Adaptability
  • Advising 
  • Analyzing Public Health Case Studies
  • Analyzing the Determinants of Morbidity and Mortality
  • Applying Ethical Standards to Public Health Problems
  • Applying Lab Techniques to Test Toxicity of  Specific Environmental Substances
  • Assessing Needs of a Population for Health Education
  • Assessing the Impact of Public Health Interventions
  • Collaborating
  • Collecting Public Health Data Accurately
  • Composing Press Releases for Public Health Organizations
  • Comprehending Complex Scientific and Medical Reading Material
  • Conducting Inspections of Facilities
  • Constructing Surveys
  • Consulting
  • Continual Learning About Public Health Trends, Tools and Techniques
  • Creating Charts and Graphs
  • Critical Thinking

D - I

  • Decision Making
  • Delivering Health Education Presentations
  • Describing the Legal and Regulatory Dimension of Public Health Policy
  • Developing Strategies to Reduce Diseases Preventable Through Vaccinations
  • Devising Scientific Research Models
  • Evaluating the Validity of Public Health Research Findings
  • Event Planning
  • Facilitating Group Discussions
  • Identifying Socio-Economic, Behavioral, Biological, Environmental Factors that Impact Health
  • Interacting Effectively with Diverse Populations
  • Interviewing
  • Investigating Emerging Disease Conditions
  • Investigating Healthcare Financing Options

    J - R

    • Leadership
    • Longitudinal Health Data Analysis
    • Meeting Deadlines 
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Observational
    • Planning Public Health Programs
    • PowerPoint 
    • Preparing Emergency Health Operation Plans
    • Prioritizing
    • Promoting Positive Health Behaviors
    • Quantitative
    • Recognizing Sub-Cultural Factors Impacting Public Health
    • Recommending Strategies for Infection Control

    S - Z

    • Statistical
    • Stress Management
    • Summarizing Implications Derived from a Data Set
    • Taking Accurate Notes
    • Test Taking
    • Time Management
    • Utilizing the SAS Package
    • Working Independently
    • Writing Copy for Brochures and Websites Regarding Health Issues 
    • Writing Papers Regarding Public Health Policy
    • Writing Research Papers About PubIic Health Issues
    • Writing Risk Communications about Emerging Public Health Issues

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