Pros and Cons of Using a Document Destruction Company

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Worldwide, laws are increasingly getting stricter about identity theft, and the need for systematic document destruction is increasing. Systematic document destruction is particularly more important and made mandatory by federal and local laws for companies or businesses that deal with sensitive and private Personally Identifiable Information (PII). PII generally include information such as name, social security number, address, email address, and telephone number that can be used to identify an individual.

That leads us to the subject of this article, the dilemma of whether to hire a paper shredding or document destruction services providing company or do the job of destroying the documents by the company which generates the documents.

Knowing the following pros and cons of using a document destruction services company should help you make a perfect decision:

Pros of Using Document Destruction Company

Security and Convenience  Using a document destruction company for systematic document destruction is regarded as being secured and convenient because of the fact that most document destruction services providing companies are well equipped with sophisticated document destruction technologies and they take complete responsibility.

Using a document destruction company is safe and secure because they do everything in front of the company authority. Most document destruction services providing companies will give you a box where you will store all your unwanted paper and disks (which contains sensitive information) and they will come and destroy the documents taking from the box.

Everything happens in front of you, making it complete secure.  

Hiring a company is convenient because none of your employees will have to take part in the process, other than a designated individual observing the whole process to ensure that the company you hire performs the job as per your requirement.

Hiring a document destruction company is convenient especially when the amount of documents to be destroyed is huge. If your company wants to buy document destruction technologies, it will require extra manpower to perform the job. If you want to employ your existing manpower, it might be really very challenging. Document destruction services can be taken in a regular or just once a year. Taking regular services say for example on a monthly basis is good when the amount of documents to be destroyed is large.

Abiding with Local Document Destruction Law Document destruction services companies are well aware of local document destruction laws. So, when you hire a document destruction services providing firm, you can be sure of abiding the local laws. At the end of the process, the document destruction company will give you a certificate of destruction. This certificate should help you in legal procedure in case your company is accused of violating document destruction law. Document destruction services can be  monitored and certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). So, if the service of any document destruction company is not safe and secure, they might lose this certification.

Environmentally Friendly Most document destruction companies claim themselves Green Business. Because they ensure the documents are recycled or composted systematically to have least possible environmental impact.

Cons of Using Document Destruction Company Cost of using document destruction companies may be a negative for small companies that produce small amount of documents, and as such, might wish to destroy documents internally. Using a document destruction company should be regarded less necessary when your company does not deal with PII. In that case, using a document destruction company might not be mandatory.

Pros and Cons of Destroying by the Company Itself

When a company does not deal with PII, it is always a good idea to go for cost effective way of destroying the document by the company itself if the option really is cost effective.

It can be cost effective when the job can be done by existing employees and with minimum investment in technology. But most of the time, investment in the technology is more costly than paying certain charge just once a month for document destruction services. But how costly or cost effective doing it yourself will depend how you do the entire thing. Here is a success story of doing document destruction by a company itself: On the other hand, here is how an office shredder can cost more than you think

If a company deals with PII, then it becomes difficult to ensure the level of security and safety that can be ensued taking services of a document destruction company. And when a company does the job itself, there will be nobody to deliver document destruction certificate as well.