9 Free, Printable Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Print These Free Thanksgiving Centerpieces For Your Thanksgiving Table

These printable Thanksgiving centerpieces are an easy and free way to really dress up your Thanksgiving table this year.

All of these Thanksgiving centerpieces can be printed on computer paper or card stock and then transformed into your three-dimensional Thanksgiving centerpiece by following the directions that go with each project.

Most of these are easy enough that the kids can help make them, and it's a great way to keep them busy while you're in the kitchen getting ready for the big meal.

You can find even more Thanksgiving freebies like these printable Thanksgiving centerpieces that include other Thanksgiving decorations for your Thanksgiving table such as Thanksgiving place cards.

Pilgrim Centerpiece by One Charming Party

A paper pilgrim boat on a table.
One Charming Party

This free Thanksgiving centerpiece from One Charming Party is an adorable boat that stands up in the middle of your table. You can put food in it like shown here, or you can fill it with thankful notes or candy.

The PDF contains everything you need to make this printable Thanksgiving centerpiece. There's both sides of the boat as well as the mast. All you need to do is print, cut, and assemble.

Also included here are some printable Native American tee-pees. More

Pumpkin Printable from Party Planning Center

A paper pumpkin on a table.
Party Planning Center

These printable pumpkins are actually meant to be place holders for your guests, but I think they'd be really cute in a line down the center of your Thanksgiving table.

There are printable templates for the pumpkin circles as well as the stem and leaf. Follow the directions to assemble and you'll have a great looking Thanksgiving centerpiece that didn't cost you a dime. More

Paper Turkey Centerpiece by Martha Stewart

Two printable turkey Thanksgiving centerpieces
Martha Stewart

This is such a classic Thanksgiving centerpiece and you'll love how easy it is to put together.

You'll need to print the turkeys, glue them back to back, and then create the accordion base. Put everything together and you're all done.

It's a great Thanksgiving centerpiece that looks like you spent a lot of time and money on it. More

Thanksgiving Leaves Free Printable from Ella Claire

A white pumpkin with a brown tag that says "Grateful".
Ella Claire

I simply adore this Thanksgiving centerpiece. You print the paper leafs and attach them to mini pumpkins and line them down the center of your table. If you don't have mini pumpkins, you can attach them to the printable mini pumpkins a few links above.

If you want to get your child involved, you can have them write things they're thankful for on the back of these pretty tags. More

Mayflower Centerpiece by Martha Stewart

A paper pilgrim boat in the center of a table.
Martha Stewart

Print the templates provided and use them to trace and cut out the parts of the Mayflower.

Follow the easy directions to create a Mayflower Thanksgiving centerpiece that can be filled with your favorite Thanksgiving treat.

If you're looking for place cards to coninute the Mayflower theme, check out these free, printable boat place cards also by Martha Stewart. More

Thanksgiving Paper Chain Centerpiece by Twig & Thistle

A Thanksgiving thankful chain on a table.
Twig and Thistle

Print out the strips of paper and put them together to form a Thanksgiving paper chain that can be laid in the center of your Thanksgiving table.

This is such a clever and unique way to add a touch of elegance to your Thanksgiving table this year. More

DIY Folded Paper Fall Leaves by Happy Clippings

Paper fall leaves hanging on ribbon
Happy Clippings

Use Happy Clippings' free folded paper leaf template to create some beautiful fall leaves to scatter in the center of your table. 

Experiment using different papers and folding techniques to give each leaf a unique look. ​ More

Paper Squirrel Favors by Martha Stewart

Paper squirrels with candy nuts
Martha Stewart

Print off some of these paper squirrel favor templates and fold them to sit in the center of your table this Thanksgiving.

Surprise your guests after the meal with giving them a squirrel, they'll discover that the paper log is filled with candy. More

Turkey Toes Printable Centerpiece by Growing Up Gabel

A printable tag on a jar that says "Turkey Toes".
Growing Up Gabel

 Have you ever heard of turkey toes? Candy corn takes the place of toes and can be placed in a jar. Adhere this free,printable turkey toes label and you have a fun centerpiece that would look great on the kids' table or even your main Thanksgiving table.

The label comes four to a sheet so you could even make some turkey toes jars for your guests to take home after dinner. More