4 Printable Holiday Gift Bag Toppers

Dress Up Any Gift Bag with a Splash of Style

Take wrapping paper off your holiday shopping list and dress up an ordinary sack with a custom gift bag topper. This is an easy project and a perfect way to save money on wrapping material that is just going to get thrown away.

All you need to use these printable bag toppers is a computer and printer. They are perfect for small gifts and can be used to fancy up the average brown paper sack. They're also fabulous for fancy gift bags that you're reusing and the handmade look adds a personal touch to the gift.

While a few of these designs are clearly best for Christmas and other winter holidays, two are universal and can be used for any occasion.

How to Print and Use the Gift Bag Toppers

The links for the printable bag toppers below will open a .pdf document that you can download and print right from your computer. It is very easy and you can print all or a selection of the pages for each design.

  1. Click one of the links to open the corresponding .pdf document.
  2. Choose 'Print' (or click the printer icon).
  3. Manage your printer settings as necessary and choose to print just certain pages or all of them.
  4. Print the bag toppers on plain or decorative paper. Card stock is a good choice because it's thicker than standard inkjet paper and will stand up to any shuffling, moving, stacking, etc. that gifts go through.
  5. When done printing, cut out each design and fold the toppers where indicated.
  6. Staple one on the top of each gift bag.

Classy Victorian Rounds

Printable Victorian Bag Toppers. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Add a splash of color and Old-World flair to your gifts with these round toppers that have a Victorian flower-like pattern. There are eight colors to choose from, so there's an option for every occasion.

Use this bag topper for birthdays, weddings and other gift-giving occasions. It's a fun and stylish design that can work for almost anything.


A Simple Design for a Personal Message

Bag Toppers with Fill In Ovals. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Do you want to add a personal message to your gift? These toppers have a blank oval where you can fill in your to/from information, a note about what's inside the package or anything else that you'd like to say. 

You will find four colors available for this design, including a baby blue, bright red and two natural, subdued tones. Use these throughout the year, their simple style is ideal for any celebration.


Christmas Silhouettes with Style

Bag Toppers - Christmas Silhouettes. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

These silhouette designs are stunning in their simplicity and perfect for Christmas or any winter holiday. Friends and family are sure to love all of these designs and appreciate the sentiment behind your gift.

Included in the printout are eight designs in four colors. From a candy cane and Christmas tree to a dove, snowflake and even a little "Ho Ho Ho," this is a great collection of printables.


A Traditional Christmas Message

Bag Toppers - Christmas Traditional. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Cheery holiday messages and a striking color palette of burgundy, brown and gray make these bag toppers standout from other gifts.

Four coordinating patterns are included, each with a favorite holiday saying. They're a fun, unique way to spread more holiday cheer!