Screenshot of in Google Chrome © is a free presentation maker that, instead of editing/creating presentations, presents slides you've already built.

Once you've made a presentation with other presentation software, you can easily upload it to and then optionally add webcam footage to show yourself explaining the slides.



  • Supports common file formats
  • Easy to use
  • Share presentations with others
  • Doesn't take long to setup


    • Editing slides isn't allowed
    • Limited to 3 saved presentations at once
    • Can't upload existing video (must use a webcam)
    • Unable to make private presentations
    • Some features are only available if you pay for a subscription


    • Slides can be uploaded from your computer or copied from Google Drive if they're in the PPT, PPTX, or PDF file format. You can also use slides from a Prezi presentation URL
    • You can create a presentation with slides and video side by side, one with slides and audio, just slides, or just video
    • Once a presentation has been made with, you can share it over email or on Facebook, Twitter, or a few other social media websites
    • An embed code is shown that you can use for placing a presentation on a website
    • The public can make comments and favorite your presentations once they've been published to

    My Thoughts on is hard to compare with similar presentation software because it's not exactly built for editing and creating presentations, but instead for presenting them to the public, which in and of itself is a nice feature.

    It's very helpful that supports the popular Microsoft PowerPoint file formats. This means nearly any good desktop presentation program, like Kingsoft Presentation and OpenOffice Impress, can produce presentations that will work with

    The limit of 3 presentations is pretty restrictive, but once you've made and used one you can actually delete it to make room for others, which may be helpful if you're only using these presentations for short period of time.

    Overall, the website is very easy to use, works quickly, and can be a nice addition to presentation creators so you have a free place to publish your presentations.