Tips to Prepare Your Event Site Before Special Events

A Cheat Sheet to Help You for “The Big Day”

special events

Congratulations! You’ve planned and executed your pre-event plan for your special event and now the day of the event itself has arrived.

This is a critical stage of the process that every event planner needs to pay special attention to – getting the event site ready to make sure the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

Car Parking

You need to make sure that your website clearly marks your special events’ parking lot and that attendees have been emailed a clear map of the available car parking including preferred entrances and the areas that are closest to your event registration desk.

Don’t forget to include details of accessible parking spaces.

Tip: If there is no car parking specifically demarcated for accessible parking, it’s a good idea to create your own area as close as possible to the entrance. You can do this with traffic cones and hazard tape if necessary.

If parking is difficult, include detailed instructions for your delegates and be sure to have parking attendants or clear signage in place.


If you plan to have a security team on site, it’s important they know exactly what their duties are and what you expect them to do.

Make sure to provide them with a written set of instructions that detail situations in which they are expected to intervene or manage. Visible security can be a major “comfort factor” for attendees at an event, for example, but badly run security can seriously backfire. Don’t risk creating a negative impression – deal only with reputable security companies and be sure to thoroughly check references.


First impressions count. The efficiency (or otherwise) of your event registration process will set the tone for the remainder of your attendees' event experience.

Bear in mind that if your registration process sucks and your delegates are standing around with time on their hands, and a mobile phone to hand, there is a real danger they’ll share the experience with their colleagues or on social media.

Here are some tips that event planners can use to help you mitigate any negative feedback at this crucial stage of proceedings:

  • Offer pre-registration in the days leading up to your event. This simple idea can take much of the pressure off on the day of the event itself.
  • Your registration staff should know your event inside out and be able to answer any possible question that arises quickly and efficiently.
  • Offer refreshments and snacks in the registration area and make sure you have enough seating and tables available so people can explore tote bags and even wait for colleagues or friends to arrive.
  • Display instructions for downloading your mobile event app to ensure that delegates can start planning their event experience.

Audio/ Visual

Talk to your keynote speaker, presenters, and sponsors to make absolutely sure you’ve got their needs for presentation equipment fully covered.

If they intend to present slides from their own laptops, make sure all the necessary connectors are in place. You should have reviewed these presentations a couple of days beforehand of course!

Your Team

Have a thorough run through with your event team to make sure everyone is up to speed and there are no last minute doubts or gaps in what is expected of them.

Tip: It’s a good idea to run a pre-con (pre-conference) for the special event at this stage including a re-cap of everything that is required to make the event a success.

Think like An Attendee

Finally, make sure you put yourself in the shoes of your attendees and consider the whole event from their perspective.

Have you covered everything to make their experience as smooth and seamless as possible? Is anything potentially confusing or badly explained? Are there last minute gaps in your planning (be prepared for this)?

No matter what size your special events are, these 6 tips to prepare your event site before special events can help you with engagement, marketing, and networking. Making your event successful starts with the right plan.