Prepaid Visa Rush Card Review

No Savings With the Rush Card

Instead of saving you money, this card will nickel and dime you to death.

The Prepaid Visa RushCard is for people who want an alternative to a checking account or credit card, but without a credit check.

While you may be tempted to sign up for the RushCard because of the celebrity appeal of hip hop mogul Russell Simmons, beware, this card is laden with fees that can't be waived, doesn't offer the ability to preauthorize direct debits to pay your bills, and allows some merchants to hold your money.

More recently, cardholders went several days without access to funds they'd loaded onto the account.

Fees on the RushCard

If you think you can save money on bank fees by switching to the RushCard, think again. Many banks will waive your monthly fee if you maintain a certain balance or enroll in direct deposit. With the RushCard, you'll always pay some type of fee.

The RushCard lets you choose between two different monthly fee schedules. First, you can opt to pay $7.95 per month for unlimited signature and PIN transactions. The fee goes down to $5.95 if you're enrolled and using direct deposit. The second, more expensive, pay as you go option charges $1 per transaction for a maximum of $10 per month. 

There's a one-time card fee of up to $9.95 charged when you first load money onto your card. If you want to transfer money to another RushCard, you'll be charged $0.99. There's a $2.50 out-of-network ATM charge, a $30 fee to expedite your card or to expedite cash, and a $1.95 fee if you're on the pay as you go plan and go more than 90 days with no transactions.

Technical Glitch Controversy

In mid-October 2015, RushCard a technical glitch that left its customers without access to their funds for several days. In a tweet on October 13, 2015, RushCard blamed the glitch on "unforeseen circumstances" in a transaction to a new technology partner.

For days, frustrated users left thousands of complaints on RushCard's social media pages.

Users say that calls to customer service either weren't being sufficiently answered or were not answered at all. Worse, many RushCard holders experienced the dire results of not having access to funds - some were having their bills returned for insufficient funds, others complaining about potential eviction, lack of funds to pay for gas to get to work, and a number of other issues.

As compensation, RushCard declared a Fee Holiday, waiving fees for all cardholders between November 1, 2015 and February 29, 2016.


While some people think it's cool to have the Rush Card because it's the brainchild of hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons, it really only benefits Russell, not you. And why are so many things hidden in the fine print (literally)? I'd look for a cheaper, better, un-cool prepaid card. Better yet, how about a bank account?