Practice Job Interview Questions and Answers

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It's always a good idea to practice interviewing before you go to a real job interview. The more familiar you are with the questions you will be asked during a job interview, the more comfortable you will be responding to the hiring manager, and the better equipped you'll be for interview success. You can (and should) practice interviewing both alone in front of a mirror and with the help of a friend willing to play the part of a mock interviewer.

This will help you both to prepare persuasive responses to interview questions and to polish your body language and presentation skills.

Here are practice interview questions and sample answers for a variety of different occupations and types of jobs.

Take a look at the questions, then consider how you'd answer them. Especially with the job-specific interview questions, it's important to be prepared to demonstrate to the interviewer that you have the skill sets (and the mindset) required for the job.

Entry-Level Interview Questions

When you are interviewing for an entry-level job, the questions will be different than those asked during interviews for higher level positions. Because you may not have much actual work experience, you’ll need to be able to explain how your other experiences (like your training / education, volunteer work, or leadership in extracurricular activities) have equipped you with the hard and soft skills you’ll need to do the job well.

Review these entry-level interview questions when you practice interviewing for jobs that don't require much experience.

General Interview Questions

There are some questions that are asked during almost every job interview, no matter what level the position.

These include the most common job interview questions about your strengths, weaknesses, work history, education, training, accomplishments, and goals. Practice answering these questions and be sure that your responses match what you have listed on your resume and job applications.

A slip-up during your interview – for instance, if you don't remember dates and job titles – could cost you a job offer.

Occupation-Specific Practice Interview Questions

Here are job-specific interview questions for a variety of occupations. Use them for practice interviews in order to frame responses, so you're prepared to shine during actual job interviews. In addition to practicing, though, make sure that you are able to demonstrate proficiency in each of the specific “minimum” and “desired” qualifications that an employer has specifically listed on its published job description.

Practice Interview Questions Listed By Type of Job

Interview questions will be different based on the type of job you are interviewing for. For example, if you are interviewing for a part-time, temporary, or a summer job, the interviewer will want to know about your schedule and the hours you are available. If you are seeking a work-at-home position, you may be asked if you have a properly equipped home office and / or whether you are willing to work during the evenings or on weekends. Here are the interview questions you'll be asked for several different types of jobs.

More Practice Interview Questions

Here are even more practice interview questions including questions for behavioral job interviews, phone interviews, promotions, internal job interviews, mock interviews, second interviews, and for the other types of interviews you will encounter during your job search.

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