PolicyGenius Website Review

You don’t have to be a Genius to Find the Right Insurance

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Most people find the process of shopping for and purchasing insurance a frustrating if not confusing experience. Have you ever thought, “I need a genius to figure this stuff out?” Well, you just may have one now—when it comes to life, pet, renters and long-term disability insurance through the recent start-up website, PolicyGenius. Co-founders Jennifer Fitzgerald and Francois de Lame realized that life, health and disability insurance policies were at a 50-year low and after consideration came to the conclusion that the insurance industry had a distinct problem in educating the average insurance consumer about his need for this type of coverage.

This is why the company was started.

PolicyGenius is not affiliated with any specific insurer nor does it underwrite its own insurance policies but is an independent insurance broker that offers insurance through its partnership with insurance companies. Once you receive a quote, the website will help you with the application process and purchasing coverage.

How it Works

PolicyGenius helps you get quotes for life insurance, pet insurance, renters insurance, and long-term disability insurance. Accident, auto, critical illness, vision, dental health, homeowners, and insurance quotes are listed as “coming soon.” You can even use the Insurance Checkup Tool to help you determine what types of insurance coverage you need.

You add some basic information including your first name, gender, date of birth and zip code as well as employment status and occupation followed by a set of questions that takes about five minutes to complete.

The first few questions are hypothetical about what you would do in certain situation and then you complete information about your family, income and savings as well as other financial circumstances such as student loans or mortgage payments.

Next, the site asks you about what types of coverage you already have.

Finally, after entering your email and creating a password, you receive your insurance checklist of advice listing what coverage options you should get, which ones to think about and which types of insurance you already have or do not need. For anyone who feels lost about knowing what types of insurance he may need, this is a great tool.

There is also an “ask an agent” feature if you feel you need some further insurance advice.

You can get a quote by completing a questionnaire about what coverage options you need. If you aren’t sure, there is also a tool to help you calculate appropriate coverage amounts and options. You are presented with multiple options after entering your personal information including best price and fastest approval depending on which would be more important to you in purchasing an insurance policy.  You can also use the price finder tool if you need different policy terms and pricing than the quotes you are offered.  You have multiple quote options—as many as 17 different company quotes in some cases. After completing, you’ll be able to receive a quote and complete an application for coverage.

Company Carrier Partners

PolicyGenius is an independent broker working with several carrier partners with a good reputation and sound financial strength ratings to offer you the best choices in life, pet, renters and long-term disability insurance.

Some of the company partners include:

Security of Your Personal Information

PolicyGenius is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant, meaning it protects your health data according to the industry-wide standards federal law mandates. It is regularly audited by HIPAA experts.  Also, the company states that your information is never sold to any third-party vendors, relieving any worries you may have about receiving unsolicited phone calls or emails from other insurance brokers.


PolicyGenius is a licensed insurance broker in all 50 U.S. states.  You can check out its broker licensing and see that no matter where you may be, PolicyGenius is licensed to do business in your state.

What Do People Who Have Used PolicyGenius Have to Say?

There are several favorable ratings of PolicyGenius online including an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau.  PolicyGenius was accredited by the Better Business Bureau 7/22/2014. There have been no complaints filed in the last 12 months with 7 customer reviews listed. Of those reviews, only one was negative giving it an overall customer rating of 4.81 out of 5 stars.

There are plenty of satisfied customer testimonials on the PolicyGenius website with an overwhelming majority reporting a positive customer experience rating the company a 9.1 out of 10. I also found several other positive customer reviews and very few negative ones.

The Bottom Line

PolicyGenius wants its customers to know buying insurance will probably never be fun but the process can be much easier. One great feature users seem to like about PolicyGenius is its top notch customer service and support through the quoting and purchase process. Many users report quick and helpful responses from friendly representatives when help was needed. Customer service ratings are very high with an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and no customer complaints received within the last 12 months.

All company representatives are fully-licensed insurance professionals so you can be sure you are receiving sound advice. The company partners are top-rated insurers so you can trust you are purchasing insurance from a reputable provider. Buying a policy through the PolicyGenius website will cost you no more than if you bought the policy directly from the company since it charges no commissions or marketing fees to you. PolicyGenius may be most useful to the insurance consumer who is unsure of the coverage she needs. Through using the insurance checkup tool, you can evaluate your needs and find the best insurance options for you and your family at the best possible price.

Contact Information

To contact PolicyGenius about receiving a quote for life, health, long-term disability or pet insurance, visit the PolicyGenius website. You can also use the contact us feature with a specific questions, Live Chat or email. If you would like to connect through social media, PolicyGenius has Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.