Play Truck Toss For Free

Screenshot of the free online game Truck Toss
Truck Toss.

Truck Toss is a car game where your goal is to earn as many points as possible. Earning more points will let you buy faster trucks and get your name on the Truck Toss high score board.

Truck Toss also features campaigns giving it a different twist than other car games.

How To Play Truck Toss:

Visit Truck Toss and click Play two times to get to the My Stats screen. You'll be able to view your stats on your best distance, score, jump, flip, and wheelie on this screen.

Click the High Scores button to see the high score board. Click the Feats button to view certain achievements that can be met if you want to play a campaign-like game. By clicking Shop you'll be able to spend the points earned in the game on new trucks that go faster and have more room on fuel. Finally click Play again to get started with Truck Toss.

You'll use your arrow keys to play Truck Toss. The up arrow key will accelerate your truck while the down arrow key will brake/reverse your truck. The right and left arrow keys tilt your truck.

You'll want to collect points to get a high score in Truck Toss. You can do this buy collecting the $ symbols, smashing things, running into things, and doing tricks with your truck.

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What I Think About Truck Toss:

I loved Truck Toss - at least for awhile. I had lots of fun getting points for ramming into anything on the screen and my truck health didn't seem to really be affected. I liked getting the achievements and souping up my truck so I could be even faster. Unfortunately, since the game isn't very challenging I didn't have much incentive to come back after I had played through all the achievements and gotten all the new trucks.