Play Rave Rider For Free

A screenshot of the car game Rave Rider.
Rave Rider

Rave Rider is a fifteen level free online car game full of obstacles that you need to avoid to reach the finish line. You'll be able to earn points along the way that you can use to customize your car.

How To Play Rave Rider

Visit Rave Rider and click on New Game to start the game. If you've already played a game of Rave Rider, you'll have the option of continuing your previous game.

You'll use your keyboard to control your car in Rave Rider.

The up arrow key moves you forward while the down arrow key moves you backward. The left and right arrow keys leans the car's body. You'll need to use your space bar to jump and Z can be used to activate nitro.

There are a few things you'll want to avoid in Rave Rider. Staying on a bridge for too long will cause it to collapse and the danger signs mark large holes that your car won't survive.

You can earn points in Rave Rider by collecting coins, nitro tanks, wrenches, and driving fast. Be on the look out for jumpers, these will send your car into the air and give you extra speed.

How to Upgrade Your Rave Rider Car

You can upgrade your car in Rave Rider by collecting coins. Once you have enough coins you can upgrade your car.

You'll be able to upgrade your car with new tires, nitro packs, spoilers, and more. Just click on the time you'd like to buy and the upgrade will automatically be applied to your car.


You are also able to change the color of your Rave Rider car after you've completed a successful level.

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What I Think About Rave Rider

I love Rave Rider! It's a unique car game that gave me hours of fun. I loved trying to figure out my way around obstacles and the jumpers were a lot of fun. It took me a little while to learn how to make my car more steady so I didn't flip over obstacles, but after a few minutes I feel like I mastered it.

It was a nice bonus that I could earn coins to upgrade my car. Not all online car games have this option and it was fun to change my car and helped me advance to further levels of the game.

The only downside of this game is that it's only 15 levels. I would love to see at least double that.