piZap Review

A Full Review of piZap, a Free Online Image Editor

Screenshot of flowers being edited with piZap

piZap is a free online photo editor that's a lot of fun to use. There are tons of filters, frames, and stickers to really make your images pop in a way that's unique to you, and you can even build them into a photo collage.

Aside from basic tools, you can also utilize the layering feature to even further customize a picture, all without even having to download anything.

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Opening & Saving Images With piZap

piZap lets you edit images you upload from your computer, you take with your webcam, or you import from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, or Picasa.

When ready to save the picture, you can download it to your computer or send it to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

If you create an account with piZap, you can also save it to your piZap gallery (public or private), email to it someone, and get a link used to share it with others.


  • Very easy to use
  • Has lots of tools
  • Live previews when editing
  • Supports layers
  • Lets you share the image when done


  • No fullscreen editing mode
  • It's too easy to exit the website

More About piZap

  • Auto-Fix is a button you can click to immediately apply color enhancements to a picture
  • The hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast levels can be altered
  • Over 50 filters can be applied to a photo using piZap, such as a tiled image, inverted, sepia, vignette, tint, and twirl effect
  • The Color Splash tool makes the image black and white and then lets you paint color back in to parts of the picture using a brush
  • You can rotate, crop, and flip images and objects at any time while editing
  • A brush tool is available that has several brush stroke shapes and can alter its transparency, color, size, and blur. There's also a graffiti brush
  • 40 categories of clip art stickers are available, each with their own set of pictures, that you can resize and rotate. Emoticons, hearts, letters, flowers, animals, shapes, birthday, baby, Christmas, summer, and Father's Day are just some of the categories
  • Each piZap sticker can have its own custom blend mode to better fit with the main image, like Darken, Invert, Screen, Overlay, and Multiply
  • piZap's Cut Out Tool is used to isolate a face from a picture and then use it as a sticker
  • A text tool has lots of fonts to choose from and lets you change the text color, background color, and glow color along with changing the font size and alignment. Hundreds of fancy letters and phrases are also available
  • Multiple images can be layered along with all the other stickers, objects, text, etc.
  • Hundreds of frames are available and located in several categories so you can find retro-style frames, holiday-themed frames, simple frames, frames with hearts or flowers, and many more
  • A section is included so you can quickly add text and other objects that fit the template of a meme
  • If building a photo collage, you can use one of several image effects, stickers, and more of the same tools the photo editor supports

My Thoughts on piZap

I love how piZap organizes the actions you take. For example, if you paint some colors with the brush tool and then add a few stickers to your picture, you can go back into the brush section and remove the paint without having to also undo the stickers.

This isn't a common feature among image editors, but it's extremely helpful.

It's too bad fullscreen mode isn't allowed because the size of the image is rather small when you need to do things like use the Color Splash tool.

I say above that it's too easy to exit the website. Some online image editors will make you confirm exiting in case you accidentally do so while you're editing. piZap doesn't do this, so you must take care that you don't click around too close to the exit button.

Overall, however, I think there are plenty of useful things you can do with piZap, and saving the image leaves no watermark like with some online editors, which is a huge positive.

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