Picture of a bus and car from PixelgirlPresents
A Free Wallpaper at PixelgirlPresents. © PixelgirlPresents

Update: The PixelgirlPresents website has closed down. See this list of other free wallpaper sites for an alternative.

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PixelgirlPresents is a wonderful free wallpaper site that has a nice collection of digital artwork turned wallpaper that's been uploaded by the artist's themselves.

A Clean Site That's Easy to Use

The look of PixelgirlPresents is quite different from other free wallpaper sites.

Gone are all the bright colors and weird navigation systems. Here you're left with a white background and at a glance can figure out just where you need to go.

Finding the wallpaper you're looking for is very easy at PixelgirlPresents. You can browse the wallpapers here by category or screen resolution. You can also use the search box to type in a keyword and find the perfect wallpaper.

Missing from the site is a way to sort the wallpapers by popularity which I really think could benefit the site.

Say Goodbye to Mountain Ranges and Hello to Digital Pandas

PixelgirlPresents has it all from the odd to the beautiful and everything in between.

Yes, you may find a mountain range wallpaper at PixelgirlPresents but landscapes and nature shots aren't really what this site is all about.

Digital artists are asked to upload their own artwork to be turned into free wallpaper at PixelgirlPresents. This means that you are going to find a whole bunch of high quality, unique wallpapers that you won't find anywhere else.

Finding and Downloading Wallpapers Is a Breeze

Once you've clicked on a category then you can narrow down the field by looking for wallpapers that match your screen resolution. The wallpapers here aren't always available in a ton of different sizes which can be disappointing if you've found the perfect one and it's in an odd size.

After you've found the perfect wallpaper just use the Go button to open up the wallpaper to your chosen size and add it to your desktop.

Visit Their Website