Pitfalls to Avoid in Human Resource Recruitment

Avoid These Recruiting Red Flags

Want to know some of the pitfalls that are waiting to derail you in your Human Resource recruitment efforts? Human Resource recruitment is the process of identifying the need for a new employee and then, finding, interviewing, and hiring the appropriate employee.

It requires planning and proper execution to ensure that your organization ends up with well-qualified, committed, engaged employees. There are a number of potential roadblocks that can undermine your recruitment efforts. Here are common challenges you will experience.

Tips for Hiring Superior Employees

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Human Resource recruitment requires planning and careful execution. This is an overview of the factors that an organization must get right to hire superior employees.

Doing any of these recommendations wrong during recruiting will result in less than superior employees. I wish it were as simple as, these are the top five errors to avoid, but, it's not. Heed this advice for successful recruitment. More

5 Resume Red Flags for Employers

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Do you know who you are hiring? Always, but especially during tough job searching times, you need to review each resume, cover letter and job application that you receive with care. In one recent article, I discovered that 53% of job applications have inaccurate information and 34% contain outright lies about education, experience, and the ability to perform.

You want to ensure that the candidates you consider hiring are who they say they are and that their credentials are valid and match your needs. More

5 More Resume Red Flags for Employers

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Do you know the resume and cover letter red flags that should catch your attention as you review applicant resumes during your Human Resource recruitment? T

hese red flags are the mistakes, errors, and indicators that give you a great deal of information about the individual who is applying for your open job. Employers ignore these red flags at their own risk. They are early indicators that your potential employee may not be whom you expect. More

5 Cover Letter Red Flags for Employers

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Want another Human Resource recruitment tool to help you review applications? Review of the cover letter, for many reasons, is a telling component in your application review process. Want to know the cover letter red flags that should capture your attention when you review an applicant's cover letter?

Sent with the resume when a job searcher applies for a job, the cover letter enhances the credentials of a qualified applicant - or not. Find out the red flags that should capture your attention in cover letter review. More

Eight Hiring Mistakes Employers Make: From Application to Interview

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Hiring decisions that result in bad hires sap your organization's time, training resources, onboarding and mentoring resources, and injure employee engagement and morale. During Human Resource recruitment, these are the top hiring mistakes to avoid. Do these eight activities with care during your Human Resource recruitment; your recruiting, interviewing and hiring practices will result in better hires. More

5 Interview Red Flags for Employers

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Do you know that prospective employees are focused on getting the job? From lies to insincerity, candidates exhibit the qualities, experience, and characteristics that they think you want to see. You can pick up clues during interviews if you know what you are looking for. Here are tips to use to assess your candidates' participation in interviews so that you avoid a bad hire. More

5 More Interview Red Flags for Employers

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Need more red flags that you should pay attention to during interviews with prospective employees? At this stage of your recruitment, you need a checklist about how to interview prospective employees. Actions and responses by the candidate are immediate red flags that should affect your hiring decision. When you heed the obvious red flags, the candidates you select are more likely to succeed in your employment. More

Nine Recruiting and Selection Tips to Ensure Successful Hiring

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The opposite of any of these nine Human Resource recruitment tips will result in bad hires for your organization. Bad hires are people who sap your organization's energy and resources. From legal to hiring for today's need and tomorrow's vision, these Human Resource recruitment tips will help you avoid bad hiring decisions. More

Do You Know Who You’re Hiring?

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Think resume checking and candidate background checking are a poor use of your time? Think again. During times of economic challenge in Human Resource recruitment, checking the background and credentials of your potential employee becomes even more important.

Fraud is rampant. Job searchers are desperate. Employers are being duped. Why not find out those less than stellar facts about your favorite candidate before you've come to own him, love him, train him, and integrate him into your company, only to find out later that his credentials are fraudulent? More