5 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Get More Traffic

Pinterest Marketing Tips
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Thanks to the internet and innovative social media companies, online marketers have a many choices when it comes to reaching their audience, influence people, and generating sales online.

On of the most valuable places of internet real estate lies in social media marketing networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In particular is growing popularity in social networks that are visually focused, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

And to the surprise of many people, Pinterest is becoming a major source of traffic for those who implement Pinterest marketing into their overall online marketing strategy.

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Since its official launch in 2010, Pinterest has reached the Alexa Top 40, an indication of this visual display, collection and storage website. Through the use of Pinboards, individuals and businesses get great exposure without paying for formal display advertising. To get an idea of how Pinterest can help achieve your marketing goals, consider the following Pinterest marketing tips.

1. Exploiting a Variety of Pinterest Display Options

As with any new platform, newcomers to Pinterest are sometimes overwhelmed, intimated and/or confused by its scope. The good news is that once you get a hang of it, Pinterest has a really easy to use and intuitive platform, making it easy to see why over 100 million people worldwide use it on a regular basis, and more and more businesses are embracing it as a viable online marketing platform.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular types of images you would utilize in your visual marketing strategy on Pinterest.

  • Photos: Use your smartphone or camera to highlight the latest and greatest events in your business, pictures of products, and other impromptu types of pictures to let customers connect with your brand on a personal level.
  • Images: Use more professional images of products and include images of inspirational and motivational quotes that resonate with your target audience.
  • Illustrations: Use illustration to show step-by-step and how-to type tutorials. These types of images work especially well in niches like fashion and fitness.
  • Infographics: Probably the most time consuming image to create or most expensive type of image to outsource, but well worth the return as these types of images do extremely well as far as getting interest and shares. The text equivalent of a one-page summary memo, they are intended to represent complex data, information and knowledge graphically with visual representations. Allows for quick understanding of new issues.
  • e-paintings: Popular with visual artists and hobbyists; can be imported from Photoshop and equivalent tools.

2. Understanding Pinterest Pins

Pins are like visual bookmarks that Pinterest users set up to help focus their viewing time. You want people to 'pin' your boards for very good marketing reasons:

  • One pin encourages two website visits on average, and six (6) webpage views. This is basically viral marketing on steroids.
  • Pinning can be an important aspect of a long-term, online retail strategy. Pins have been the starting point for many sales, even after one or two months. If you use any types of images, product shots, pictures, etc. on your website then you should absolutely be repurposing them on Pinterest.
  • Along the lines of Facebook 'Likes' and Twitter retweets, Pinterest 'Re-Pins' can make your messages and offers go viral at greater rates than the other posting options. A typical Pin can generate over a dozen re-Pins. This is basically free traffic and referral marketing online.
  • You will learn to like Mondays as an online retailer, because orders from Pinterest are at the highest level on this day of the week. 

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3. Increasing the Pinnability of your Boards and Posts

Take note of Pinterest's image size criteria to create aesthetically pleasing and informative graphics that grab and hold a viewer's attention. Rather than repost your existing images, be sure to crop or edit them to fit perfectly into the recommended image sizes on Pinterest.

This will make your images stand out better and look more attractive on the network.

Be sure to add a relevant title and description to your Pins to get further engagement.

4. Commenting on Pins

OK, this is a bit counter-intuitive for Pinterest, but it's still important to comment on other people's pins and reply to people who comment on your boards. Remember that at the end of the day, Pinterest is in fact, a social network.

Although primarily a visual media, the website is also a social community that gives people a chance to know, like and trust you. The more you re-Pin and like other people's content the more likely they will be to like you and re-Pin  your content; which ultimately leads to more views, more clicks, and more sales.

Many of the same principles that make for lively blogs and forums can turn your boards into hives of stunning marketing visuals and stimulating conversation.

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5. Add Keywords to Your Pins and Boards

It's important to put up boards, pin consistently and especially add keywords to all the above. The ability to rank higher than your competitors for important keywords means that your material and propositions get in front of more eyeballs at the right time. Keep in mind that many people use Pinterest as a search engine, so using common keyword phrases as board titles, Pin titles and descriptions can help your images rank higher and get found.

More visibility and exposure is what pinning every day will accomplish, even if other marketers are more established and other  companies are bigger than you are.

Pinterest opens up visual marketing opportunities like never before. We've touched upon some aspects of pinning and boarding here, you can find more Pinterest marketing tips here.

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