Physician Careers - Become a Physician

So You Want to Become a Doctor?

The process of becoming a physician is not easy, but this rewarding career is worth the years of preparation, studying, testing, and training.

This guide will help you understand the process, your future career options as a physician, and chart your path to practicing as a physician.

How to Become a Doctor

How do you become a doctor? There are many years of school and training ahead of you. Learn more about the process to be sure you are able to invest the time, money, and effort required to become a physician. More

What is it Like to Be a Doctor?

The physician career profile outlines some of the basics of being a physician such as schedule, skills, work environment, and challenges. To learn more about a "day in the life" of a physician, check out the interview with Dr. Cohen, a gastroenterologist who shares his first-hand perspective on being a physician.

If you think you are interested in becoming a surgeon, the surgeon career profile provides additional information about surgeons' careers. Surgeons typically must train longer than physicians who practice medicine sub-specialties. Surgeons' schedules can be a challenge since they often have to be on call for emergencies and be prepared for long hours in the operating room. More

All About Medical School

Tips on how to choose a medical school, when and how to apply, additional resources to prepare for medical school, and advice for getting accepted. More

Medical Residency Training

What is residency training? How long does it last? Learn more about residency, types of residencies, and how much you'll earn as a resident physician in training. More

Types of Physicians

Deciding to become a physician is only one choice of many you will make throughout the process of becoming a physician. Another big decision is choosing what type of physician you want to be - and what type of medicine you wish to practice. This decision doesn't have to be made until you're in medical school, even though many people have an idea before entering medical school. More

How Much Do Physicians Earn? All About Physician Compensation

Which types of physicians are paid the most? Which physicians earn the least? How are physicians compensated for their work? How much are physicians paid while in residency training? Find out all this and more with the guide to physician compensation. More

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