Personal Home Inventory Software for Windows and Mac

The following page list choices for PC and Mac home inventory software with feature overviews, prices and links to free trials. For more information regarding the usefulness of this software, read How to Choose and Use Home Inventory Software first, which links back to this list. All software introduced here has a feature for importing images from a digital camera or a scanner.

The Complete Home Journal (Windows)

The Complete Home Journal is true to its name, being very complete home inventory software.
The Complete Home Journal Home Inventory Module. Copyright © Innovative Software, LLC

The Complete Home Journal home inventory software is divided into three sections covering the interior, exterior and household mechanicals (plumbing, heating, and cooling). This helps with organization while using this fully-featured software.

Home Inventory Module: The home inventory module in The Complete Home Journal provides a place to record details about all belongings in a home, such as furniture, electronics, seasonal equipment and jewelry.

Track Home Improvements: The Complete Home Journal includes modules to record home improvement project information, real estate and financing details, project and seasonal to-do lists with required materials and notes. The Contacts module is useful for storing information on contractors, real estate agents, maintenance and repair companies, insurance agents and lender information.

Home Inventory Reports: Six reports are available for viewing home inventory data, and other reports are Purchase Information, To Do Lists, Contacts and Address Labels.

Summary: The Complete Home Journal is really complete home inventory software. While the features that go beyond home inventory tracking may be too much for some folks, I like that you can track a true cost basis for your home for income tax and real estate sale purposes.

A portion of profits from The Complete Home Journal goes to the Make Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

  • The Complete Home Journal: Home Improvement & Inventory Tracking Software
  • Free trial available
  • $29.99 / 30-day money back guarantee
  • Windows XP or later
  • Mac running Virtual PC for Mac
  • Visit The Complete Home Journal website

Computerize Your Assets (Windows)

Home inventory software like Computerize Your Assets makes filing insurance claims easier.
Computerize Your Assets Home Inventory Software. Custom Apps, Inc.

Computerize Your Assets comes in a standard version with a great set of features for one home inventory, and an extended version for recording multiple properties and estate planning. Computerize Your Assets supports an unlimited number of photos and scanned document images to support your home inventory, and item categories in the software can be edited or added to.

Insurance Documentation: Computerize Your Assets provides features for working with digital photos and supports digital videos as well as photos for home inventory documentation.

Data Files and Backup: Click the Backup button at the top of Computerize Your Assets to choose one of three data backup options. Data can be exported to CSV format for spreadsheet analysis.

Home Inventory Reports: Computerize Your Assets includes over a dozen inventory-related reports, a few insurance reports, and an emergency report. The Extended version includes reports for multiple properties and insurance and warranty reports for each property.

An Asset Assignment report is included as an estate management tool in that version. Easy-to-read graphic reports reveal the total dollar amount assigned to items by category or location.

Summary: Computerize Your Assets adds convenience with the inclusion of photo editing features, great reporting options and a feature for keeping a secure list of credit card information that's useful if a card is lost or stolen.

Upgrade from the standard version to the extended version of Computerize Your Assets at any time by paying the $20 price difference in price.

Quicken Home Inventory Manager

Quicken Home Inventory Manager keeps inventory of valuable belongings for insurance purposes.
Quicken Home Inventory Manager. Screen Shot Courtesy of Intuit

Quicken Home Inventory Manager is easy to use and home inventory values can be imported into Quicken Deluxe and higher. For estate planning, intended beneficiaries can be entered with home inventory items.

Insurance Documentation and Claims: Attach up to five digital images to each home inventory item (photos or scanned receipts, warranties, etc.), but only one image prints in reports. The drag and drop feature for images stored on your computer works well, but PDFs need to be converted to a supported format, like JPG.

Quicken Home Inventory Manager includes a module to record insurance policy details for homeowners insurance and other insurance policies, and a claim tracking tool helps with following up on insurance claims.

Data Files and Backup: Quicken Home Inventory Manager supports home inventories for multiple properties, and the backup utility can add the date to the file name for multiple backup sets.

Home Inventory Reports: The Inventory Value Summary provides an overview of the home inventory while the Inventory Detail Report goes into detail for each item entered.

Summary: Quicken personal finance software users have a great advantage with having the option to import data from Quicken Home Inventory Manager, and if you're inventorying multiple properties, the price is lower than other options:

  • Quicken Home Inventory Manager
  • No free trial
  • $29.99/60-day back guarantee
  • Windows XP or later

Binary Formations Home Inventory Version 2 (Mac)

Home Inventory for Mac is fast, functional and fun to use.
Album View in Binary Formations Home Inventory Version 2 for Mac. Copyright 2010 Binary Formations, LLC

Along with strong item tracking capabilities, Home Inventory Version 2.0 for Mac comes with insurance alerts and reports to let you know if you are under- or over-insured.

Insurance and Warranty Documentation: Associate items in your inventory with the appropriate sections and coverage on your insurance policies for insurance reporting. Attach multiple warranties to an item so you have extended and supplemental warranty information available with the original warranty.

Unlimited images can be associated with each home inventory item, and you can drag and drop images from other applications. Attach notes and files to inventory items to track repairs and to have the product manual handy.

Album View: Manage all image files and receipts in Home Inventory's album view and associate them with items directly from Album View. Using Album View, photos and receipts can be imported at once and easily attached to inventory items.

Back-Ups and Data Files: Multiple properties can be inventoried, and data can be backed up to your MobileMe account. Home Inventory imports and exports data, including photos and receipts, and data is password protected.

Home Inventory Reports: The coverage analysis report tells you if have adequate insurance coverage for possessions and identifies items that are not fully covered by insurance. The insurance coverage warnings section alerts you if insurance coverage limitations have been exceeded.

Available reports include a detailed inventory item report, compactly summarized reports, and moving/packing reports. Reports are customizable and can be printed or saved to a PDF file.

Know Your Stuff (Windows or Mac)

Entering an item in Know Your Stuff free software for documenting q home inventory.
Know Your Stuff is Free Home Inventory Software. Screen shot by Shelley Elmblad

Know Your Stuff from the Insurance Information Institute is free home inventory software for Windows and Mac. Know Your Stuff comes with a long list of home inventory item categories to organize your inventory, and you can delete categories you do not need and create your own inventory categories.

The Donation Room is automatically created in Know Your Stuff. Use this "room" to track your non-cash charitable donations.

Insurance Documentation: Import multiple images of inventory items, rooms and the exterior of your home in Know Your Stuff. Know Your Stuff also supports scanned images of receipts and appraisals for each item.

Data Files and Backup: Know Your Stuff suggests backing up your home inventory to Vault 24 online backup service, although this is not required. If you elect to buy a subscription to Vault 24, plans are priced at $14.99 to $79.99 per year. You can backup to a CD or USB drive, and Know Your Stuff will export CSV data.

Home Inventory Reports: Know Your Stuff includes five reports: household summary, details by room, details by category, images with inventory item names and locations and receipts.

Summary: Know Your Stuff appears to be a marketing vehicle for Vault 24 online storage service, which is integrated with the Know Your Stuff inventory software. However, Vault 24 is not required to use Know Your Stuff. The only complaint I have about Know Your Stuff home inventory software is that entering the purchase date for an item requires the use of a pop-up calendar and up to five clicks. Still, this inconvenience is minor for free home inventory software.