The Best Personal Financial Planning Software Picks

Personal financial planning software is an inexpensive option to hiring a professional financial planner with reliable results that you can update when you have life changes. The software listed here takes you through an extensive financial plan, step-by-step, and provides meaningful reports so you can plan effectively for the future.

Financial planning software is not for managing daily income and expenses or a budget. For short-term planning, use desktop personal finance software or online financial software. There are many personal finance apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android that work well, too.


FlexScore action steps show you how to improve your financial future.

FlexScore, released to the public in 2014, puts a new twist on financial planning. This free online app uses a patented method of coming up with one score, from 1 to 1,000 to gauge each individual user's financial health. From there, FlexScore offers up advice for improving the score along with links to resources for doing so.

For example, FlexScore may tell you that refinancing your mortgage to a lower rate would increase your score quite a bit. Click on that Action Step and you'll be presented with lenders who are offering lower rates to people with your financial profile. However, you are never required to use the resources presented. You could refinance with your local bank if you prefer, then enter your new loan terms and watch your score increase. 

eFinPLAN Online Financial Planning

Do your own in-depth financial planning with eFinPLAN.
eFinPLAN Data EntryScreen shot by Shelley Elmblad

eFinPLAN is very affordable, secure online software for creating your own personal financial plan with a goal making financial planning affordable to everyone. eFinPLAN is one of my favorite personal financial planning options, and the 65-page plan it produces is impressive.​

  • 30 days free trial.
  • $98 per year subscription, or subscribe for 6 months for $49.
  • Individual financial planning consultations with free data input and 1 year of access to eFinPLAN are available for a fee, but you have to contact eFinPLAN to set this up. There are no sales calls.

Financial Fate

Do your own in-depth financial planning with Financial Fate.
Financial Fate - Trademark of Financial Modeling Solutions, Inc.

Financial Fate is free personal financial planning software designed for the individual or family that is looking for a do-it-yourself financial planning tool.

Currently, the extensive reports can only be viewed from within the software and there is no print option. However, Financial Fate reports highlight and show you the year-by-year financial details that have been used to create results and recommendations, which really helps you to understand your financial decisions.

  • Financial Fate is a free download for Windows
  • Read Review


VeriPlan is a comprehensive spreadsheet template for doing your own financial planning.
Lawrence Russell and Company

VeriPlan includes 10 financial planning tools and retirement planning calculators. This software is actually a very comprehensive spreadsheet template. It isn't very pretty and appears to have been designed for number crunching types. This is not to say it's not usable, it's just not going to be as interesting to use as FlexScore or some other options listed here.

A free tutorial download includes a fully functional version of VeriPlan with data pre-populated so you can understand how the software works. A 2 year budget planner worksheet is included with the free tutorial.

You will need Microsoft Excel to use VeriPlan, which can be used on Windows and Mac computers.

  • $57, install on all PCs in one household.
  • Microsoft Excel 2002 or later required
  • 30-day money back guarantee