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It's Your Money offers a variety of spreadsheet downloads to manage your personal finances. Read on for descriptions of and links to some of the best free or low-cost personal finance spreadsheets to be found online, and most are free.

Checkbook Register Spreadsheet

The Checkbook Register Spreadsheet can be used for all account types, not just checks. Get the free version with a running account balance, transaction categories, instructions, transaction types, and up 200 categories. Or, upgrade for $6.88 to get one-click sorting, the ability to reconcile the account, and more. To split transaction in the Checkbook Register Spreadsheet, create multiple transactions that add up to the transaction total and color code the transactions so you know they are grouped together.

Freedom Account Spreadsheet

A Freedom Account, originated by Mary Hunt in Debt-Proof Living, is one financial account used to save for expenses like medical bills, auto repairs and annual property taxes. Deposits and withdrawals for expenses are recorded in subaccount worksheets, with the total of all subaccounts reflected in the account balance on the savings account sheet. You can download the free Freedom Account Spreadsheet, but serious budgeters need the ease-of-use in the $9.88 Freedom Account Spreadsheet.

Debt Tracker Spreadsheet

Use the Debt Tracker Spreadsheet to really get a handle on your debts such as installment loans and credit cards by keeping tabs on them in one place. Analyze your debts by sorting by balance, by interest rate, type of debt and so on, and take a look at your debt-to-income ratio and your credit card utilization percentage. The Debt Tracker Spreadsheet charts your debt paydown progress via charts.

Price Book Spreadsheet

Keeping a price book is one of the best ways to stick to your budget by determining whether a product can be bought for less elsewhere, or whether the "sale price" is a real deal. Enter the item, date, units (ounces, for example) and price and The Price Book Spreadsheet calculates the unit price so you can compare the cost of an item in various sized packaging. Building a usable price book take some time as you record sale prices or prices from shopping each week, but using the Price Book Spreadsheet makes comparison shopping much easier.

Portfolio Allocation Spreadsheet

Use this simple spreadsheet for help with rebalancing your investment portfolio. Set the percentages you want for each for each investment category and the Portfolio Allocation Spreadsheet converts these percentages to dollar amounts to equal the total portfolio value. The Portfolio Allocation Spreadsheet shows you which investments you need to sell a portion of and which investments need increased representation in your portfolio. Download the Portfolio Allocation Spreadsheet and instructions (PDF).

Loan Payoff Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet generates a loan payment schedule for fixed rate loans and credit cards. The Loan Payoff Spreadsheet works for up to 120 payments (10 years for monthly payments) to show interest payments, running balance and the expected payoff date. Because the Loan Amortization Spreadsheet uses simple amortization, it will not always be right-on, but provides numbers that are accurate enough for comparing different payment amounts to see how your loan payoff date and total interest dollars paid changes.

IYM Balance Sheet/Statement of Net Worth

Net worth is simply the value of assets minus liabilities. While the definition of net worth is easy to explain, determining your personal or family net worth can be confusing. Use the IYM Balance Sheet/Statement of Net Worth to organize your assets and liabilities, then find out what your net worth is along with some other ratios that give you an idea of your financial stability.

Spreadsheets from It's Your Money - Get the Details

It's Your Money spreadsheets work with Microsoft Excel 2000 or later, or Open Office Calc. They do not work with the spreadsheet in Microsoft Works, and Mac users should download the free versions since the spreadsheets do not always work well in Excel on a Mac.

If you do not have Microsoft Excel, you can check prices for Microsoft Excel or download the free and very capable Open Office Calc spreadsheet which opens Excel files and is part of the Open Office Suite.

Visit It's Your Money to get information on the many other downloadable spreadsheets available in addition to those listed above. With the personal finance spreadsheets from It's Your Money, you can simplify managing your money and to get practical, free advice on personal finance management.