Personal Finance Perspectives

Forging a Financial Path Forward

An affectionate young couple going through paperwork while doing their budget at home.

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The pandemic and the ensuing public health and economic crisis forced many people to reevaluate and adjust their financial behaviors and priorities.

To gain further perspective on the impact (and herald the arrival of Financial Literacy Month),  The Balance spoke with several personal finance experts and influencers. They reflected on their experiences over the past year, shared what they’ve learned, and perhaps inspired others to regain their financial footing in the process.

From Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche breaking down what budgeting means to her now, to Erin “The Broke Millennial” Lowry revealing the need to readjust after lockdowns diminished her professional opportunities, the people we talked with not only offered candid stories, but insights and tips on what it takes to regain financial momentum and move forward.