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Based on Google searches, tens of millions of people are actively looking for information on penny stocks.  To meet this interest, more and more resources are cropping up, but the vast majority are near useless, dishonest, or just plain wrong (in my opinion). 

To help you skip over the deluge of low-quality content, here is a list of the top high-quality resources for penny stocks. I would love to give you a longer list, but I will not mention any sources which won't be helpful, honest, or at least entertaining.

  The vast majority were created with hidden motivations, are self-published, or the concepts may hurt the reader's skill level or understanding.

Disclosure: Some of the resources listed were written by myself or my team, and as such be aware that we may have a vested interest.  

Website: Official Penny Stock Section

The latest penny stock articles are all posted on the Penny Stocks section. This is a wonderful, free, online portal which will get you up to speed within minutes. If you really want to profit from speculative, low-priced shares, this should be your first stop.

Book: Rampaging Bulls

Paperback, Selling for $3.70 on Amazon.

I remember enjoying this book when I was about 13 years old.  Rampaging Bulls touches on the way penny stocks used to get promoted, a few decades ago.  While not as relevant any more, there were some interesting concepts.

Book: Penny Stocks for Dummies

Paperback, 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, retail $22.99, available wherever books are sold.


This is by far the single most important work about penny stocks you could ever read.  If you think I'm saying that to increase sales of what is already an International bestseller, write me and I'll send you the royalty to put your fears to rest - I actually will. Better yet, borrow it from a friend or the library.

  Regardless, this is an absolute must-read.  "Penny Stocks for Dummies" is the book I wished had existed when I began trading penny stocks at 14 years old.

Learn more about the book in this video.

Movie: Boiler Room

If you haven't seen Boiler Room, then watch it immediately.  Stop reading this, and go view it right now.  Great movie, and a mainly realistic tale of how the con artists used to work a few years ago.  Watch how smooth a scammer can be when they are motivated.

Book: Invest in Penny Stocks

Hardcover, retail $49.95, available wherever books are sold. 

Full of trading tactics for penny stocks, this book has an Experience Level Rating System, so that the reader can choose which aspects will be most beneficial.  If you are an advanced day trader with decades of experience, read the Level 5 sections.  Brand new to penny stocks?  Then start with the Level 1 concepts.  Everything from penny stock phobias to Leeds Analysis is explained in detail.

Movie: Wall Street

If you haven't watched the single most-popular stock market movie by now, then you probably don't have electricity.

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The Official Peter Leeds Facebook Page is a great place to hang out with other investors, and ask questions about investing or get opinions on penny stocks you might buy.

Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, viewers get a glamorized take on dishonest penny stock promoters.  When I watched this movie the first time, I got the theater to myself, so no one could see me rolling my eyes.  It was certainly entertaining, and even the exaggerated telling was true to life in many ways.  However, the message of enrichment through lies and manipulation should not have been packaged in such an adventurous way - besides glossing over all the lives that were ruined by Jordan Belfort, the movie serves as a recruitment tool for more dishonest punk kids who will gladly sell their souls for a fancy car.

Entertainment value = 10 / 10, but encouragement of ethics and honesty = 1 / 10.

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Every concept relevant to penny stock investors is discussed on the blog, from how to best trade penny stocks, to how civil war in Syria will affect your investments.