"Penny Stock for Dummies (Revised)" Book Review

The Author of "Penny Stocks for Dummies" Gives His Own Revised Book a Review

Penny Stocks for Dummies
Penny Stocks for Dummies. John Wiley & Sons

My disclosure is that I wrote both the original and the revised edition of "Penny Stocks for Dummies."  This means:

  • I'm biased
  • I make $1 if you buy a copy

Read a little further, and see why I didn't even give my own book a 5/5 rating!

Now that we've got that out of the way, every single penny stock investor, from Japan to Canada to Sweden, should read "Penny Stocks for Dummies." This was the book I wished I had read when I got started.

It would have saved me from losing 100% of my money within my first two weeks of trading penny stocks, just as the concepts within it are designed to protect you from pitfalls. Published by John Wiley & Sons under their flagship Dummies brand, there is no more involved yet understandable discussion of low-priced shares.

While the book has been available worldwide in dozens of countries, online and wherever books are sold, a revised second edition has been announced. This improved version of the first groundbreaking work is earmarked to be on the shelves by February.

Once you know how to sidestep the easily avoidable mistakes, the book details exactly how to find the highest-quality shares from among the thousands of lower-priced equities. Of course, within the pages you'll find out just about every other concept related to penny stocks, and how to understand the difference between poor, average, and excellent investments trading for pennies.

Much of what I've done with content produced for the Penny stocks page involves many of the concepts illustrated within the book. I want you to get the benefit of the tried and true tactics and concepts which will assist you in becoming a superior penny stock investor.

Can you learn everything you need to conquer penny stocks through the penny stock main page?

Absolutely, yes you can.

However, if you prefer the book format, or understand that several chapters can not realistically be delved into as deeply in an online format, then "Penny Stocks for Dummies" will be an appropriate addendum.

Of course, it makes a great last-minute Holiday gift, but it also makes for a good read.  Remember, don't take my word for it (refer back to my disclosure above), but rather see what 98 others have said.

Better yet, watch a quick video explaining what's inside the covers. Most investors are surprised by the depth and quality of the content presented in "Penny Stocks for Dummies."

Some of the old content covers how to:

  • Avoid scams and pitfalls
  • Uncover winning low-priced shares (from among the thousands)
  • Analyze the underlying company

The revised edition goes even further, with several brand new sections.

Bitcoin-related penny stock businesses:

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were all the rage for a while and, as is always the case with any popular concept, it soon becomes laden down with plenty of loosely-related small businesses trading for pennies. The digital currency idea may be a great one, but the businesses which try to jump on the wave tend to have pretty ridiculous financial positions and business plans.

Pot penny stocks:

Far too many investors jumped on the wild climb of marijuana-related penny stocks. The charge was so great that tiny four or five-person "companies" were being valued at half a billion dollars! Other businesses added "cannabis" to their names and their share price instantly skyrocketed.

Investor manias and stampedes:

When everyone is trying to grab the same bag, you may get trampled, or it might end up costing you far too much. We've seen this play out in the Dot Com Bubble, the California Gold Rush, the Dutch Tulip Bulb Mania, and even the 1,800 American automobile manufacturers in the early 1900s (and yes, 99.9% went bankrupt).

By spotting stampedes as they begin, you'll avoid the downside losses, while being able to ride the wave higher. You will also see when to get out, before the inevitable fall.

Overall, I give the revised edition of "Penny Stocks for Dummies" 4 out of 5 stars. Why not 5/5? I mean, after all, I am the author.

I rate the book 4/5 because I need room for improvement when my next books come out. If "Penny Stocks for Dummies" keeps selling as it is, as many as 20 per day on average, you will probably see a third edition one day. As well, I've been working on another book, "Stockology," which I am hopeful John Wiley & Sons will also represent.