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A screenshot of the Pedometer FREE app on an iPhone
Pedometer FREE on an iPhone. © Pedometer FREE

The Bottom Line

The Pedometer FREE app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a healthcare and fitness app that acts just like a real pedometer but does so much more.

With Pedometer FREE you can track your steps and check your pulse all the while letting you graph your results and creating playlists to help you with your walking program.

Tip: Sometimes companies give away actual free pedometers as promotional items.

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  • Pedometer FREE is incredibly simple to use
  • The Pedometer FREE app makes it easy to keep track of changes in your pulse


  • Pedometer FREE will not run in the background with iOS 4
  • Lacks any bells and whistles such as fitness tips


  • You can use the Pedometer FREE app to keep track of your steps as you walk, jog, or run
  • Pedometer FREE is free to download
  • You can use the Pedometer FREE app to keep track of not only your steps, but also your workout time, distance, calories burned, speed, and pace
  • You can create custom playlists within Pedometer FREE
  • You can enter and graph measurements for your chest, waist, hips, and weight which are used to calculate your BMI

Guide Review - Pedometer FREE

My biggest issue with Pedometer FREE is that it won't run in the background. That means that when I want to use my iPhone as a pedometer then that's all I get to use it for.

I realize that this is no fault of the developer but it's a big reason that I don't use the Pedometer FREE app as much as I would like.

The app itself is very simple to use and does everything that I need it to plus then some. I love that I can graph my weight and measurements and that it's very quick and simple to do so.

I would love if Pedometer FREE offered some fitness tips on how I could increase my amount of steps I'm taking or alerted me when I reached certain plateaus.

Overall Pedometer FREE is a great little free pedometer app that's worth the download.

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