Patti S. Spencer, Esq.

Estate planning, trusts, probate, and taxes
Lawyer, legal writer, and educator
Boston University School of Law and Dickinson College


  • Trust, estate, and tax attorney with two law degrees from Boston University School of Law
  • Wrote about estate planning, probate, trusts, and tax issues for The Balance
  • Educates tax and legal professionals, students, and clients on her areas of expertise through writing, teaching, and speaking engagements


Patti S. Spencer, Esq. is an expert on estate and tax planning topics. After receiving her law degree and a graduate degree in taxation, Spencer worked as an attorney, then managed a $400 million personal trust department for a large bank before leaving to start her own law practice.

Spencer taught courses on gift taxation, trusts and estates, and estate planning at Boston University School of Law for eight years, and taught federal income taxation at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania. She has been writing for over 18 years, authoring two books and numerous articles on estate and tax matters.