Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Review

Man sitting on bow of sailing yacht. Getty Images/Gary John Norman

Company Overview

Pantaenius America Ltd. is licensed insurance all 50 states and operates as a subsidiary company of The Pantaenius Group.  The Pantaenius Group has been in business since 1899 with operations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Monaco, Denmark, Australia, Austria and most recently, America.  It offers corporate insurance and yacht insurance.

Pantaenius America Ltd. was founded in by Harald Baum and has been in operation since 1977.

Mr. Baum sought to offer a specialized, tailor-made yacht insurance to cover boat owners. Pantaenius in America offers insurance to yacht owners who may need broader coverage for vessels than just the basic boat insurance policy. The yacht insurance policy is based upon an agreed value paid to you in the event of a total loss without deductions.

Coverage Options

Depending on which yacht policy you choose, you have different options available including:

  • Agreed fixed stated value for hull
  • Broad and worldwide navigation
  • No deductible for losses caused by fire, lightning
  • No deductible for total loss and constructive total loss
  • Coverage for latent defects
  • Salvage
  • Mopeds and motorbikes covered
  • Emergency without physical loss included with no deductible
  • Uninsured boaters for personal injury coverage included in the policy
  • Medical expense for unpaid crew members
  • Bottom inspection after grounding
  • Defending a claim
  • Wreck removal
  • Automatic 30-day insurance coverage
  • Personal effects (with and without a deductible options available)
  • No depreciation for partial losses
  • Charter coverage
  • Fine arts and firearms coverage
  • Substitute vessel
  • Living expense during repairs
  • Transportation and storage
  • Wear and tear
  • Skipper’s liability
  • Primary indemnity protection

    America Yacht Policy

    With the American Yacht Policy, you have coverage for yachts up to 27 feet in length or greater. Currently, there are over 80,000 insured with the America Yacht Policy. The coverage is comprehensive including the exclusion of implied warranties of seaworthiness.

    Pantaenius America SELECT Policy

    The America SELECT policy offers yacht coverage at a lower premium option. The policy is for yachts 27 feet or longer and valued up to $1 million USD.  You still have many of the same options available as the more comprehensive America Yacht policy but are able to take away some of the coverage options you do not need and lower your insurance premium.

    Super Yacht Policy

    The Super Yacht insurance is a comprehensive all-risk policy. This coverage is for luxury yachts 27 feet or longer. The implied warranties of seaworthiness do not apply in this policy and you are covered against more risks. Worldwide navigation is available. Also available are third-party liability protection, extra pollution coverage, unlimited chartering and coverage for both paid and unpaid crews. War risk insurance can also be added upon request.

    Sea Transportation

    The Sea Transportation option covers transporting your yacht and includes coverage against the special risks incurred during vessel transportation such as damage from loading and unloading, salvage and wrecking costs, and special coverage options available for political risks including war, strike and terrorism insurance.

    In Conclusion

    For boating enthusiasts searching for the best value on an insurance policy, Pantaenius America Ltd. offers a comprehensive yacht insurance policy with several coverage options for boat enthusiasts who need more coverage than what is provided by a basic boat insurance policy. Of significant interest to yacht owners, the America Yacht Policy does not include depreciation amounts on partial losses. Many no deductible options are also available for personal effects and for accidents that occur during overland travel.  The Super Yacht Policy offers all-risk protection with no hidden implied warranties of seaworthiness.

    The company prides itself on offering customers around-the-clock services by its own employees. There are no call centers involved but you speak directly to a company employee.

    The claims are handled by company staff and are not outsourced to a third party. Claims service is available 24/7. Through the company’s website, you have access to its partner company links including WRI Weather Routing Inc., American’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association and Mahina Expeditions.

    The majority of customer reviews on customer service and claims handling have been overall positive. To learn more about Pantaenius Yacht insurance offered in America or to request a quote, you can visit the Pantaenius America Ltd. website, call 1-914-381-2066 or send an email to