Installation Overview: United States Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico

Fort Buchanan is the Army's only active installation in Puerto Rico and the Antilles. It was named after BG James A. Buchanan, the first commander of the Puerto Rican Regiment, U.S. Volunteers, formed in 1900. After defending the Canal Zone in WW I, the regiment was officially designated the 65th Infantry Regiment in 1920.

To provide the regiment with a training area, a tract of 300 acres on the south shore of San Juan Bay was obtained in 1923 and known as Camp Buchanan. It was redesignated as Ft Buchanan in 1940. During WW II, the post expanded to 1500 acres and became a general depot and induction center/training area for the Antilles command. Currently, Ft Buchanan sits on a 746-acre lot.

Ft Buchanan is a sub-installation of U.S. Army South (USARSO). Fort Buchanan is a primary site of military services in Puerto Rico, as well as educational, recreational, community and commercial programs in support of military family members (active, reserve and retired) and the federal civilian communities. The Installation also supports some 32 federal agencies stationed in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Fort Buchanan's workforce is a mix of military and civilian employees, augmented and supported by numerous volunteers.

Here is the official website of Fort Buchanan.

Location/Driving Directions

Puerto Rico is located 1,000 miles southeast of Miami - approximately 2- hour by plane. Approximately 4 hours by plane from Boston and 3 hours from New York.

When you arrive to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport you can use the taxi services located right outside the terminal. If you need help at the airport contact the Military Personnel Office at Fort Buchanan at 787-707-3938 during duty hours or the Military Police desk sergeant, 787-707-3337, after duty hours.

How to get to Fort Buchanan from the airport:

As you exit the Airport stay on the far right lane, make a right turn at the exit to Highway 26 (the sign reads "Isla Verde/San Juan"), also known as Baldorioty De Castro Highway.
You will enter a service road and then Highway 26 to your left and follow signs towards San Juan.
After about 1 1/2 miles, stay on your far right lane and follow signs towards Bayamon/Caguas.
Once you take that (Bayamon/Caguas) exit you will enter a tunnel (Minilla Tunnel), stay on that Highway for 1/2 mile until you see the sign towards Bayamon (Highway 22), take the road to your right.
You will be heading west for about 1 mile. Stay on the right lane, you will see a sign for Fort Buchanan exit, it will say Fort Buchanan 28 and Catano 165. NOTE: before that exit on your left hand side there is another sign to Fort Buchanan, DO NOT take that exit.
You will take the exit for Road 165 (Sign will be on your right).
Once on Road 165, you need to switch to the far left lane before you reach the first traffic light. At that intersection you will make a left turn into Road 28 (you will see the Federal Prison on your left at the traffic light).
After you make the left turn you will pass in front of the Federal Prison, after that you will see on your left some of the Fort Buchanan Bldgs.
On the second traffic light you need to make a left turn to the Fort Buchanan's Front Gate entrance. Important notice, a 100% ID card is required at the check-up point.

Population/Major Units Assigned

Ft. Buchanan serves and supports Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard soldiers, Air Force and U.S. Navy Reserve personnel, DoD civilians, veterans, retirees, and military family members. The installation also supports some 32 federal agencies stationed in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The major units stationed at Fort Buchanan include the 5th Training Support Bn (CS/CSS), the 65th USA Reserve Command and the Antilles Consolidated School System.

Main Phone Numbers

Fort Buchanan bugle calls. Photo courtesy U.S. Army

American Military Academy 787-720-6801

Army Community Service 787-707-3804/3948 DSN: 740-3804/3948

Army Education Center 787-707-3244/3992 DSN: 740-3244/3992

Billeting (Guest House) 787-707-3634/3633/782-3342 DSN: 740-3634

Child and Youth Services 787-707-3399 DSN: 740-3399

Child Development Center 787-707-3388/3769/3598 DSN: 740-3388/3769/3598

CHRRS Office : 787-707-5811 DSN: 740-3889/3256

Dental Clinic 787-707-2041/2042 DSN: 740-2041/2042

Health Clinic/TRICARE 787-707-2534/4393/2973 DSN: 740-2534/4393/2536

Housing Office 787-707-3889/3256 DSN: 740-3889/3256

School Age Services 787-707-3468/3280 DSN: 740-3468/3280

Youth Services 787-707-3932 DSN: 740-3932

Temporary Lodging

"El Caney" Guest House has 75 rooms available for use. Upon receiving orders, call the Guest House for lodging arrangements. Reservations can be made up to one month in advance. Tel: DSN 312-740-3801, 787-707-3801.

The rate for a Deluxe Single is $59 (Queen bed, Working desk; Deluxe Double: $66 (Two queen beds and kitchenette); 2 Deluxe Double Suite that are pet friendly with $75.00 deposit (not refundable) and $5. daily charge per pet: Junior Suite: $74 (One queen bed and kitchenette);VIP Suite: $94 (Living room, bedroom with one queen bed and kitchenette); add $5.00 daily charge for each dependent.

A Continental breakfast is offered on week days from 6:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. on weekends.

All active duty, retired military personnel and DoD personnel are eligible to stay at the "El Caney" Guest House.


Fort Buchanan Commissary.

The Fort Buchanan Housing Office is located at Bldg. 556 (DPW) Colombus Street. They can be reached by calling 787-707-3433 or DSN 312-740-3433.

The normal waiting period is 0 to 4 months for most units on Fort Buchanan. Following is a list of housing units available and estimated wait times:

Junior NCO to Senior NCO 3 bedroom (90) units - No waiting time
Junior NCO to MAJ 4 bedroom (15) units - 0-4 month wait time
Field Grade 2 bedroom (6) units - 0-6 month wait time
Field Grade 3 bedroom (20) units - 0-6 month wait time
Colonel/LTC 4 bedroom (2) units - No waiting time
Unaccompanied/Single Personnel

There are 18 Single Enlisted Quarters (SEQ) units with no wait time and 11 Single Officer Quarters (SOQ) units with no wait time.

Before departing from your losing station, you must report to your Military Personnel Department (MPD) to complete DA Form 4787 (Reassignment Processing) requesting concurrent or deferred travel of dependents to Ft Buchanan, Puerto Rico. MPD will mail Ft Buchanan Family Housing Office an authenticated copy of Form 4787 and a copy will be given to you. Upon arrival at Ft Buchanan, and after visiting the unit, you will report to the Housing Referral Office so that your name can be placed on the waiting list for the housing required.

Child Care

The Fort Buchanan Child and Youth Services also serves as the Central Registration Office and is located in Garcia Street, Building 1020-A and can be reached by calling 787-707-3787.

They are open 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m, Monday through Friday. (Emergencies are taken on a case by case basis). There is no annual registration fee.

Services Offered include: School Liaison Services, Parent & Community Liaison Services, Youth Education Liaison Services, Baby-sitter Training and Referral Services, Child Development Center (CDC)

The Fort Buchanan Child Development Center (CDC) is located in Building 348 and can be reached by calling 787-3598/3769. The center offers full-day care for children 6 weeks to 4 years old. Hourly service is available. Reservation is required for the hourly services. The center is open 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The School Age Services (SAS) program provides services to children between five and twelve years of age with opportunities for supervised, individual and group activities, to compliment, not repeat school experiences. SAS also provides ample opportunities for children to learn more about their interests, to develop skills and to spend time in positive relationships with other children and adults.

SAS provides supervised activities during, before and after school hours, on school holidays, during summer and on teacher in-service days when parents are working. Parents may choose between Regular and Hourly services. Fees are IAW Family Income.

Family Child Care (FCC) at Ft Buchanan offers quarter-based care provided by adult family members living in government housing areas. The FCC Program provides care for children four weeks to 12 years old. Ft Buchanan CYS certifies both the FCC provider and the housing unit before children are accepted for care.Our office is located in Building 1020-A, Buchanan Heights, Telephone 787-707-3432 or DSN 312-740-3432.


The Antilles Consolidated School System (ACSS) is a part of the Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS) and falls under the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA).

Ft. Buchanan houses four schools; an early childhood school for students in grades PreK-2; an intermediate school for students in grades 3-5; a middle school for students in grades 6-8; and a high school for students 9-12. Roosevelt Roads Naval Station (East Coast of Island) houses two schools; an elementary school for students PreK 5 and a middle/high school for students in grades 6-12. Ramey Coast Guard Base (West Coast of Island) houses a unit school for students in grads PreK 12.

ACSS provides a full breakfast and lunch program in addition to transportation services for students. ACSS provides several after-school sports teams and clubs to round its students education and interests. ACSS also provides services for our identified talented and gifted (TAG) students in addition to those students that are identified as having English as a Second Language (ESL). ACSS participated in the TerraNova standardized test with the rest of the DoDEA schools. The North Central Association (NCA) accredits all ACSS schools.

Classes are offered in English from Pre-K to HS. There is Special Education for EFMP members (clearance must be obtained through the EFMP Manager at Ft Buchanan prior to assignment in order to insure availability of Special Education Programs for the EFM in question). It serves military dependents while sponsor is stationed in PR, or when sponsor is serving a non-accompanied tour and dependents have orders to be in Puerto Rico (copy of orders is necessary).

Administrative offices are located in Ft Buchanan as well as facilities from Pre-K to HS. Similar facilities are located at Roosevelt Roads Naval Base, Ceiba, PR, and the Old Ramey Base in Aguadilla, PR. Transportation is provided if within 25 mile radius from the schools.

Medical Care

There are over ten major hospitals in the Metropolitan Area, private and public. There are several health centers that offering a wide variety of services. There are medical institutions that specialize in the treatment of heart disease, mental health, substance abuse counseling and treatment, nuclear medicine, and others. Most of them accept TRICARE, and other major health insurance programs. Yearly deductibles and co-payments are involved. At this time there is not a TRICARE PRIME program for retirees on the island.

The Health Clinic on the installation offers services to Active Duty and Warriors in Transition (WT). The pharmacy takes off base prescriptions from all eligible individuals.

The dental clinic on post is reserved for active duty soldiers only. Some complicated dental surgery procedures for active duty soldiers are referred to Roosevelt Roads Naval Base Hospital.

Military family members are referred to private dentists accepting a Dental Insurance Plan if purchased. The TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan (TFMDP) is a comprehensive and affordable dental plan available to eligible spouses and children of active duty Uniformed Service members