Installation Overview --Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Virginia

Naval Weapons Station Yorktown is one of the Navy's major East Coast ordinance facilities. The base stores, maintains, and loads bombs, missiles and other ordinances for the Atlantic Fleet. The Weapons Station is located at the northern end of what is known as the Virginia Peninsula, bordered by the York River, Colonial National Historic Park, York County, City of Newport News and James City County.

The installation was first established in 1918 as the Naval Mine Depot and has expanded its mission over the years to involve virutally every weapon in the Fleet's aresenal. The Weapons Station is one of many Navy installations in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia which have been regionalized under Commander, Navy Region Mid Atlantic. Others include Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Naval Air Station Oceana, Norfolk Naval Shipyard and Portsmouth Naval Hospital. Together, they support the largest concentration of military personnel in the world.

The land of Naval Weapons Station Yorktown is rich in colonial history. The station sits amidst a setting of natural beauty surrounded by the distant memories of the first settlers in Virginia and the battle cries of the Revolutionary War. Long before the testing and evaluation that now go on at the weapons station, the infantry of the American Revolution and the Civil War slogged along the Old Williamsburg Road where today it runs through the station. The oldest structure onboard the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station is the Lee House, built around 1649, where many generations of the family lived out their lives before the property was acquired by the U.S. government.

Here is the official website of Naval Weapons Station Yorktown.

Location/Driving Directions

Yorktown Naval Weapons Station is about 3 miles from Yorktown, 35 miles from Norfolk, VA.

Access to Main Gate from Richmond

Follow Interstate 64 East until exit 247. At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn left onto route 143 (Jefferson Avenue). Travel to the first stop light and turn left onto Old Yorktown Road. Gate 1 is approximately three (3) miles on the left.

Access to Main Gate from Norfolk

Follow Interstate 64 West until exit 247. At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn right onto Old Yorktown Road. Continue on Old Yorktown Road for approximately three (3) miles until you reach Gate 1, which is on the left.

NOTE: If reporting to a tenant command onboard NWSY, proceed straight to gate one, and ask the security personnel there to assist you with directions to your new command.

Access to Main Gate when Arriving from Williamsburg/Newport News International Airport

If arriving at Williamsburg/Newport News International Airport, turn right onto route 143 (Jefferson Avenue) and continue for approximately six (6) miles. Turn right onto Old Yorktown Road and continue for approximately three (3) miles until you reach Gate 1, which is on the left.

Local airports have either a USO Center (Williamsburg/Newport News) or a Military Welcome Center ( Norfolk International) which can be helpful with directions and/or transportation assistance.

Main Phone Numbers

Base Operator DSN: 953-4000 (757) 887-4000

Base Galley-Yorktown 757-887-7140 DSN: 953-7140

Base Information-Yorktown 757-887-4000 DSN: 953-4000

BEQ Naval Weapons Station Yorktown 757-1 DSN: 953-7621

Branch Dental Clinic (757) 314-6130

Branch Medical Clinic, Yorktown 757-314-6119/(757) 314-6151

Child Development Center Yorktown 757-887-4733

Education Office-Yorktown 757-887-4538 DSN: 953-4538

EFMP: NWS Yorktown (757) 314-6151

Family Housing Program Yorktown Site (757) 847-7800 /(800) 704-5488

Fleet and Family Support Center/Yorktown 757-887-4606 Fax: 953-4800 DSN: 953-4606

Housing Office-Yorktown 757-847-7800 or 1-800-704-5488

Quarters BEQ/BOQ-Yorktown 757-887-7621 DSN: 953-7621

Youth Activities Center 757-887-4310

Population/Major Units Assigned

Military bases in close proximity to the Weapons station are Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Naval Air Station Oceana, Norfolk Naval Shipyard and Portsmouth Naval Hospital. Together, they support approximately 85,000 joint force military personnel with an additional 120,000 family members, over 68,000 retirees and 27,439 DoD personnel and civilian employees. Also, in close proximity to the Weapons Station are the Army's Fort Eustis and Fort Monroe, the Air Force's Langley AFB and the Coast Guard Training Center at Yorktown.

Temporary Lodging

There are three options for temporary lodging for transferring service members and their families to NWS Yorktown- Visitors Quarters, Navy Lodge or local hotels.

There are 7 Visitors Quarters Navy Inns and Suites in the Hampton Roads region. These facilities are available to both single and married service members and offer a variety of rooms: suites, single rooms, rooms with kitchenettes and rooms that are handicap accessible. For reservations and rates call 1-877 - ZUMWALT.

There are three Navy Lodges in the Hampton Roads area - Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Norfolk Naval Base, and Dam Neck Annex. Amenities include: kitchenette, free local telephone calls, cable tv, air conditioning, cribs and rollaways, and irons/ironing boards. Call 1-800-NAVY INN in advance to make reservations or make reservations online.

There are many hotels in the surrounding area. Room rates vary depending upon the hotel, size of the room and time of the year. Visit the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce website for more information on accommodations.

Reservations are accepted for all eligible personnel on an as-received basis. Official guests and visitors of the command may stay at the VQ and Navy Lodges. Reservations are to be made and guaranteed by the sponsor. Family members, staying at VQ and Navy Lodges without the military member, are required to show their identification at check-in. Guests of military personnel may stay at Navy Lodges provided the military member is present at check-in. Reservations and room assignments are made without regard to rank or rate, or time of reservations. You may make advance reservations based on your classification, keep in mind you may receive priority based on PCS orders.

It is recommended you make advance hotel/motel reservations in order to assure you have a place to stay while seeking permanent housing. The approximate cost of a unit at the VQ or Navy Lodge is $45.00 - $80.00 per day. Civilian hotels/motels are available in all price ranges. Many of them exceed the VQ and Navy Lodge especially in the summer months.

Length of stay will depends upon availability. Please contact the VQ, Navy Lodge or local hotel/motel for more information.

The Visitors Quarters will not accept pets however, the Navy Lodge accepts pets up to 50 pounds. Some of the local hotels will accept pets for an additional room fee.

Northwest has a campground where some families choose to stay. Stewart Campground is a rustic grassy area with a large enclosed pavilion, a smaller open pavilion, dump station, limited electrical hookups, access to water, and male/female restrooms with showers. Some tent sites deep in the woods. Campers have a choice of 18 campsites that can be reserved from Northwest MWR first weekend in April through September 30 by calling 757-421-8260.


Lincoln Military Housing Naval Weapons Station Yorktown. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

The Naval Weapons Station has 457 units of military housing. Wait times for military housing vary and are dependent on rank, date of application and bedroom entitlement. Contact the Yorktown Housing Welcome Center for updated information on wait times.

Assignment is predicated upon your needs and availability. Your date of eligibility is determined by your date of detachment from your last permanent duty station, provided you check in and apply for government housing within the first 30 days after your arrival at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown. Priority for service members checking into Military/PPV housing with a special needs family member will be handled on a case-by-case bases.

The waiting time varies from housing community to housing community and family size.

There are 136 permanent party rooms available for Single Service Member Housing needs. There are no permanent party rooms available for Officers.

Single sailors, E-4 and below, with less than four years military service, are required to live in the barracks. E-5 and above are required to live in town if collecting BAH. E-5, single service members can live in the barracks provided they are not collecting BAH and the barracks is not more than 85% manned.

Reporting single service members must report to the front desk of Nelson House Visitors Quarters with a copy of their PCS orders and military ID card in order to be placed in a permanent party barracks room. Nelson House does not take advanced permanent barracks housing applications. For more information about bachelor housing on the NWSY, visit the DOD Lodging Net website.

Geographical bachelors are required to stay in the barracks at Naval Station Norfolk on space availability. For complete details, contact the Yorktown Barracks Site Director or LCP at 757-887-7621.


Hampton Roads has many superior schools and specialty programs available to serve your children. There are several elementary, middle, or high schools, gifted/talented programs, magnet schools or special education centers locally available. Additionally, private schools, private pre-schools and kindergarten facilities throughout the region provide parents with various educational choices.

Newcomers and those registering their children for the first time are required by Virginia law to provide proof of immunizations against a number of contagious diseases. Children entering school up to the seventh grade must submit a birth certificate and have had a complete physical examination within the past twelve months.

Children entering kindergarten must be age 5 on or before 30 September of the enrollment year.

Contact the appropriate school system for additional information on registration requirements.

For a brochure listing the primary and secondary schools accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, contact the Chamber of Commerce at (757) 622-2312. For additional information on private schools, consult the Virginia Department of Education or inquire at the church of your choice.

Please feel free to contact individual school district offices for information about specific academic or extracurricular activities.

If you plan to homeschool your child, you must notify Chesapeake Public Schools, in writing, of your intent. For more information on the application process and the Board of Education requirements for homeschooling, contact the Director of Student Enrollment at Chesapeake Public Schools at 547-0153. The "Bayith Educator: Hampton Roads Magazine For Homeschoolers" is a local publication for families that homeschool. It contains information on sports activities as well as state legislative updates, networking clubs and curriculums. The cost is $18.00/year and is published monthly during the school year and once during the summer. To subscribe contact the publisher, Cherie Moore, at 474-2634.

Child Care

Child Development Center. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

NWS Yorktown has one Child Development Center (CDC) that has a full-time child care program for children 6 weeks through five years of age. The waiting time for enrollment depends on the age of the child. You can reach the CDC at 757-887-4733. The CDC is open Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

The CDC offers full time weekly care. Drop-in care is provided on a space available basis. A parent wanting drop-in care needs to call early in the morning on the day care is wanted.

Applications for child care are available at the center or you may contact the Regional Child Placement Program office at 866-628-9232.

There are two levels of Priority of Care:

Level 1: Active duty members - single parents, dual military couples and active duty with a civilian spouse. When applying for care the civilian spouse must be employed full time or be a full-time student.

Level 2: DoD employees and contractors working on base.

Currently the waiting time for infants is 8-12 months and children 2+ years the wait time is 5-7 months. For more information on the waiting list call 757-887-4733 or 866-628-9232.

Child Development Homes in military housing are regulated and monitored by the military. For more information contact the Navy Mid-Atlantic Region Child Placement Program 866-628-9232.

On-base Youth Centers provide a variety of before and after school programs as well as summer, spring and winter camps. The cost of care depends on total family income and the care program selected.

The Child Development Group Home is located in Norfolk and provides 24/7 care for watch standers and shift workers. The group home incorporates the features of both a home and child care center. For more information contact the Navy Mid-Atlantic Region Child Placement Program 866-628-9232.

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP)- Provides free child care for children 6 weeks to 5 years old when active duty and/or family members have medical appointments at NMCP. You will need the child's current immunization record. For reservation or more information, call 757-953-6873 or visit their website .

Some family care providers may offer occasional care for special needs children. For more information contact the Navy Mid-Atlantic Region Child Placement Program 866-628-9232. For information pertaining to the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) onboard Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, call NWS Branch Medical at 757953-8412 or Family Practice at 757-953-8430/31.

Medical Care

Naval Weapons Station Yorktown Branch Medical Clinic. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

There are 7 Branch Health clinics and 3 TRICARE Prime clinics, within the Hampton Roads region to meet the medical needs of service members and family members. Personnel should contact the health care facility nearest them to obtain information on the availability of services.

• Branch Health Clinic, NAS Oceana: 757-953-3933
• Branch Health Clinic, Dam Neck Annex: 757-953-9914
• Admiral Joel T. Boone Branch Health Clinic, NAB Little Creek: 757-953-8351
• Sewells Point Branch Health Clinic, Norfolk Naval Base: 757-953-9000
• Branch Health Clinic, Norfolk Naval Shipyard: 757-953-6500
• Branch Health Clinic, NSA Northwest Annex: 757-421-8220/1
• Branch Health Clinic, Yorktown Naval Weapons Station: 757-953-8454
• TRICARE Prime Clinic, Chesapeake: 757-953-6366
• TRICARE Prime Clinic, Northwest: 757-421-8220
• TRICARE Prime Clinic, Virginia Beach: 757-953-6708

All appointments are made through the TRICARE central phone number at 866-465-4584. Medical care services are offered on a priority basis. First priority of care is to active duty military. Second priority is to family members of active duty, with retired military and family members of retired military following in the eligibility chain.

Active Duty Personnel receive dental care at one of the branch dental clinics in the area:

• Naval Dental Clinic, Norfolk: 757-953-8526
• Branch Dental Clinic, Boone Health Clinic Little Creek: 757-953-8334
• Branch Dental Clinic, Health Clinic Naval Shipyard Norfolk:757-953-6509
• Branch Dental Clinic, Health Clinic NAS Oceana: 757-953-3910
• Branch Dental Clinic, Health Clinic Yorktown: 757-953-8454