Installation Overview: Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Virginia

The 2005 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) Report to the President required the relocation of installation management functions and the establishment of Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall (JBMHH). 

JBMHH is commanded by the United States Army but has resident commands of Army, Navy, & Marines. Most conspicuous is the Arlington National Cemetery Honor Guard.

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall includes:

Fort Myer, an Army post adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia.

Fort Lesley J. McNair, an Army post located on the tip of Greenleaf Point, the peninsula that lies at the confluence of the Potomac River and the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C.

Henderson Hall, a Marine Corps installation located in Arlington County, Virginia, near the Pentagon, on the southern edge of the Arlington National Cemetery and next to Fort Myer.  Henderson Hall is named for Brevet Brigadier General Archibald Henderson, the fifth and longest-serving Commandant of the Marine Corps. 

The command's mission is three-fold.

  1. To respond to crises, disasters, or security requirements in the National Capital Region through the implementation of various contingency plans.
  2. Provide both base operations and a variety of specialized support to Army and other Defense Department organizations throughout the National Capital Region. Specialized support includes personal property shipping, nationwide fixed-wing airlift, and operation of Arlington National Cemetery.
  3. Most visible, to conduct official ceremonies, locally and worldwide, on behalf of the nation's civilian and military leaders.

The land Fort Myer sits on was confiscated from the Robert E. Lee estate during the Civil War. It's been an important Signal Corp's post, a showcase for Army cavalry, site of the first flight of an aircraft on a military installation and the first military air fatality. Fort Myer has been the home of the Army Chief of Staff for nearly a century and today is home for thousands of soldiers, sailors, and airman working throughout the Military District of Washington and the nation's capital.

Fort Lesley J. McNair, located at the point of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers in Washington, D.C. has been an Army post for 200 years. The military reservation was established in 1791. Major Pierre C. L'Enfant included it in his plans for Washington as a major defense site for the city. An arsenal first occupied the site and defenses were built in 1794. Fort McNair is the home of several general and flag officers, and by tradition, the Army's number two officer, the Vice Chief of Staff.

Henderson Hall is situated on Southgate Road on the southern border of Arlington National Cemetery, next door to the Army’s Fort Myer. The Pentagon is a short distance to the east, with the Navy Annex just to the south. Built on land acquired through deeds and other actions between 1943 and 1952, Henderson Hall officially became U.S. government property on February 15, 1954, when the governor of Virginia executed a Deed of Cession of Political Jurisdiction.

Here is the official website to Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall.

Location/Driving Directions

Fort Myer is located on hills in Virginia overlooking the Potomac River. These major roadways can reach Fort Myer: I-95/395, I-295, I-66, Routes 27, 50, or 110. Whichever route you choose, it is best to enter the Post through the Hatfield Gate off Route 27 (Washington Blvd.) as it has 24-hour access. Fort McNair Main gate is at 4th and P Street S.W., Washington, D.C. with 24-hour access.

Fort Myer, Virginia, is located across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery. Fort Myer currently (2012) operates two access gates:

Hatfield Gate on Washington Blvd. at South 2nd Street - Main gate, open at all times

Wright Gate on Marshall Dr. at Meade St. just off Rte 110 - Daily: DOD ID Card Holders - 5 a.m. to 11 p.m; Visitors - 5 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Driving from I-495 to I-66 East

I-66E runs into Fort Myer Drive. Turn right onto Fort Myer Drive and follow it straight to Marshal Drive then turn right into Wright Gate (5:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. only).

From I-395 North

Exit 8A (Columbia Pike/Washington Blvd) stay on Washington Blvd to Fort Myer entrance ramp to Hatfield Gate.

From I-395 South (From DC or Maryland)

Take Highway 110 (Rosslyn) exit. Stay on 110 to the Iwo Jima exit sign. Turn left and drive straight to Wright Gate (5:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. only).

From the South on Interstate 95

Inside the Capital Beltway, 1-95 becomes 1-395. Proceed north toward Washington. Take Exit 8A (7 miles inside the Beltway), marked "Washington Blvd., Route 27." Bear left on the ramp, following the signs. Exit Washington Blvd. to the right at the exit marked "Fort Myer Only." Go through the gate at top of exit ramp and take the second left turn onto McNair Rd.

From the West on Interstate 66

Proceed on 1-66 inside the Capital Beltway. Take exit 26 (7 miles inside the Beltway) marked "Route 110 South, Pentagon, Alexandria." Pass the Iwo Jima Memorial on your right, then immediately turn right onto Marshall Drive and continue 3/4 miles to the Fort Myer gate.

From the North on the Capital Beltway (I-495)

Immediately after crossing the American Legion Bridge into Virginia, exit to the right onto the George Washington Memorial Parkway, Exit 14B. Continue to the Exit for Route 50 West which will be just past the exit for the Key Bridge. Proceed west in the right lane to a ramp for Ft. Myer Drive/Meade Street. Make a left turn, pass by the Iwo Jima Memorial on your left, proceed to the stop sign and turn right into Ft. Myer.

From D.C.

Take 1-395 out of the city and into Virginia. Pass the Pentagon and take Exit 8 for Washington Blvd. Proceed on Washington Blvd and take the exit marked "Fort Myer Only" on the right.

Population/Major Units Assigned

Army's 3rd U.S. Infantry "Old Guard". Official Army graphic

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBMHH) supports DoD military and civilian personnel assigned to Fort Myer, Fort McNair, Henderson Hall and the Pentagon. The installation also serves a large number of military retirees.

The major command is the U.S. Army Military District of Washington (MDW).  Major units making their home on JBMHH include (not an inclusive list):

1st Battalion of the 3rd U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard) - and since August 2011, 'A' Company (Commander in Chief's Guard), which was stationed at Fort McNair, D.C

Fife and Drum Corps, which is the only unit of musicians of its kind in the armed forces.

Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) U.S. Army Garrison

HHC U.S. Army

U.S. Army Band (Pershing's Own)

3rd Military Intelligence

Criminal Investigative Command / Washington District\

National Defense University

White House Communications Agency

National Guard Bureau

Fort Myer is headquarters to service personnel working throughout the National Capital Region. The post provides housing, support, and services to thousands of active-duty, reserve, and retired military, members of the U.S. Coast Guard, and their families stationed in the United States Army Military District of Washington. The JBMHH mission is to provide installation services and support to Military Members, Civilians, Retirees and their Families with a quality of life commensurate with the quality of their service. As well - on order - JBMHH provides Base Support to Military District of Washington / Joint Force Headquarters - National Capital Region (MDW/JFHQ-NCR) to facilitate the deployment of forces for Homeland Defense and Defense Support to Civil Authorities in the NCR.

Due to its proximity to Arlington National Cemetery, this is also the base of operations for most Services' Honor Guards and burial teams. A large percentage of burials in Arlington National Cemetery originate from Old Post Chapel, one of the two chapels on Fort Myer. Visitors are also given access to the caissons, stables, and the Old Guard Museum. Black Jack, the riderless horse that rode in the funeral procession for John F. Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and others, is buried on the grounds near the stables.

Fort McNair is the headquarters of the Army's Military District of Washington and home of the National Defense University, as well as the United States Army Center of Military History.  It is also the official residence of the US Army's vice chief of staff.

Henderson Hall is home to the USMC headquarters company unit and associated educational facilities.

Main Phone Numbers

Fort Myer houses the stables for the horses and the caisson used for both military and Presidential funerals. Official Army graphic

Main Phone Numbers

Army Community Service:  (703) 696-3510

Billeting (Temporary Lodging):  (703) 696-3576-3577

Child & Youth Services: (703) 696-4942 / (703) 696-0313

Child & Youth Services, Central Registration:  (703) 696-4942/0313

Child Development Center (CDC):  (703) 696-3095 / 3201 / 3764

Commissary- Fort Myer:  (703) 696-3674

Dental Clinic - Fort Myer:  (703) 696-3460/3461

Education Center:  (703) 696-3070

Fort Myer Executive and Housing Directorate: (703) 696-3557/3558/3559.

Health Clinic-Fort McNair:  (202) 685-3092

Information:  (703) 545-6700

Rader Clinic - Fort Myer, Central Appointments:  (855) 227-6331

Temporary Lodging (Myer & McNair):  (703) 696-3576/3577

Youth and School Age Services: (703) 696-3728/3712

Temporary Lodging

Fort Myer Military Community Lodging. Official Army graphic

Privatized lodging offers 31 guest rooms on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH). Due to privatization, the room rate may change based on the type of room and time of year. For reservations or rate information, call 703-696-3576/3577, DSN 312-426-3576/3577. If lodging is unavailable on the installation, there are several other installations as well as a large number of hotels in the area. A listing of area hotels and temporary lodging facilities is maintained by the ACS Relocation office and can be obtained by contacting the office at 703-696-0156/0026

There are also several military temporary lodging facilities in the area. They include:

 Joint Base Andrews, MD, 301-981-4614

 B Navy Lodge, Washington DC, 202-563-6950 or 1-800-628-9466

 Fort Belvoir, VA, 703-704-8600 or 1-800-295-9750

If rooms are unavailable, the local area is abundant with hotels nearby. For a listing of hotels, contact the JBM-HH Relocation Program at 1-800-477-9571.

Within walking distance of each lodging facility are many on-post services such as fine and casual dining, catering, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, a 9-hole golf course (at Fort McNair), and many other MWR activities.


Herryford Village at Fort Belvoir. Official Army graphic

Government housing is extremely limited at Forts Myer and McNair. There are 33 sets of NCO Quarters, 13 of which are Senior NCO Quarters. The wait time is approximately 6-18 months. There are 56 sets of Officer Quarters, but they are reserved for Key and Essential personnel and those in special command positions. There is no priority for incoming Families with a member who has special needs.

Government housing is available on other installations in the greater Washington DC area to include: Fort Belvoir, Joint Base Andrews, and Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. Soldiers assigned to duty in this area are authorized to apply, under priority two, and be assigned family quarters at the installation of their choice, regardless of duty station or place of work. For information or assistance with obtaining housing in this area, contact the Executive Management Housing Directorate at 703-696-9611/3903.  Those installations with housing offices closest to Fort Myer include Fort Belvoir, Andrews Air Force Base, Walter Reed, Bolling AFB, and Anacostia Naval Station.

Joint Base Myer -Henderson Hall houses single Soldiers E-5 and below. Occupancy is generally around 85% , and most Soldiers who are eligible to reside in the barracks are accommodated. There are no Senior Enlisted Quarters or Officer Quarters housing units on post.

Only single Soldiers E-5 and below are eligible to stay in the barracks. Enlisted Soldiers in the grade of E-6 and above and all Officers must reside off post. The Housing Referral Office can assist Soldiers with off-post housing. In addition, ACS Relocation has a list of short and long-term furnished and unfurnished places to live.

Single personnel who are unable to be housed or who request to live off post must obtain an exception to the policy approved and signed by the garrison commander through the chain of command.

Living off-post can be expensive; however, the Fort Myer Housing Office can assist Soldiers and Families in finding affordable housing.

Off-Post Housing is also available through the Rental Partnership Program program. Under this program, apartments are available at reduced rent with no security deposits, no credit check, no application fee and no minimum income requirement. The Soldier agrees to pay the rent through payroll allotment and signs a one-year lease. To apply for family housing, obtain off-post housing listings, or find out more about the Rental Partnership Program, visit or call Fort Myer's Executive and Housing Directorate, Building 416 at (703) 696-3557/3558/3559.


Gunston Middle School.

There are no DoD schools on post. There are many school districts in the National Capital Region (NCR). If you live on Fort Myer, your children will attend the Arlington County Public Schools, which include Long Branch Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and Washington-Lee High School.

Fort Myer is located in Arlington County next to the Arlington Cemetery and the Iwo Jima Memorial. School-age and youth living on Fort Myer will attend the Arlington County Public Schools, which are Long Branch Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and Washington-Lee High School. Arlington Public Schools has more than 30 schools and programs: 21 elementary schools - 4 Countywide Alternative Schools, 4 Team Schools, and 14 neighborhood schools. Arlington Public Schools has five middle schools and a Countywide Secondary Alternative Program housed at H-B Woodlawn. Arlington Public Schools has three high schools, the Career Center and a Countywide Secondary Alternative Program housed at H-B Woodlawn.

Most school districts have a policy that you must live within the boundaries of a specific school for your children to be eligible to attend. Usually, documents such as a rental contract or a utility bill with your address printed on it will be needed when registering to verify your address. In some cases, school districts will take a few families from a waiting list and allow them to pay tuition to attend their school. So make sure you check the schools where you want to live.

Virginia has several requirements for students enrolling in the public schools. State law requires that students must attend school if they have reached their fifth birthday by September 30 and have not passed their 18th birthday. Students are required to attend school in the district where their parent or guardian resides at. Students may be enrolled as tuition-paying students only when space is available in the school requested.

A qualifying parent may elect to provide home instruction for his or her school-age child in lieu of school attendance. For important information regarding home instruction, call 703-876-5227 or 703-876-5206.

There are several private schools in the area.

For any questions you may have regarding schooling issues, please contact the School Liaison Office at 102 Custer Road, Building 203 Fort Myer, VA 22211 703-696-3817.

Child Care

Children at the Child Development Center, blew out the candles on a birthday cake baked for the U.S. Army's 233rd birthday with Secretary of the Army Pete Geren. Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: C. Todd Lopez

The Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH) Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) Child Development Center (CDC) is located at 102 Carpenter Road and is certified by the Department of Defense (DOD).  The facility serves more than 450 children. Full day childcare, before and after kindergarten, hourly care and part day pre-school are offered for children 6 weeks through 5 years of age at the CDC. Hourly care is on a space available/emergency basis. Childcare on the installation is limited and due to a high demand for care, you may be placed on a wait list. Your position on the wait list depends on many factors that are at the discretion of the installation and may include your spouse's military status, the date you apply, deployment and your employment. If these factors change while you are on the waitlist, your position will be changed accordingly, so it is important that you keep your information up-to-date. It is important to get on the waiting list as early as possible. For more information, contact 703-696-0313/4942.

The Family Child Care Program (FCC) is a program that provides child care in family homes on and off the installation. FCC is available through the Marine and Family Services in Henderson Hall. For information on FCC, contact 703-614-7332.

There are School Age Services (SAS) programs are available on JBM-HH. The program is co-located with the CDC. It provides before and after school, camp, and hours care options.

Youth Services is comprised of Middle School & Teen, School Age Services, and Sports & Fitness Programs. Youth Services (YS) serves 1st through 12th-grade children of active duty military and Department of Defense civilians within the National Capital Region. It offers a youth technology lab and homework center to assist children and youth with homework and projects; individual and team sports; clubs, games and leisure activities; summer camp; field trips; youth council, workforce preparation, and volunteer community services; Character Counts! and conflict and anger management workshops; instructional classes; family activities/events, special events, and much more. The JBM-HH YS Program is an affiliate member of the National 4-H Program and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. For more information, visit the DFMWR website or call 703-696-3712.

Medical Care

The Andrew Rader US Army Health Clinic. Official Army graphic

The Military Treatment Facility on Fort Myer is the Andrew Rader Army Health Clinic. The Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH) on Fort Belvoir is a joint service healthcare network. FBCH also has clinics in Fairfax and Dumfries. Appointments for all facilities are made through the Integrated Referral Management and Appointing Center at 1-855-227-6331. Benefits/TRICARE: 703-805-0644 or 703-696-3452.

The Andrew Rader US Army Health Clinic is located at building 525, 401 Carpenter Road, Fort Myer, VA 22211, and provides routine primary care for all eligible beneficiaries. Patients must enroll in the clinic to receive treatment in one of the following care groups; Primary Care clinics or Pediatrics. In each group, each patient is assigned to one physician for all routine care, such as health maintenance and minor complaints. Patients are referred out by their primary physician for more comprehensive care at any number of military hospitals in the area.

Available services include Family Practice, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Acute Care, Laboratory, Behavioral Health, Occupational Health, Community Health, Physical Exams, Nutrition Care, Well Woman, Dermatology, Pharmacy, Radiology, Optometry, Audiology, and Physical Therapy.

The Andrew Rader Dental Clinic is located in the same building. Hours of operation are 0730 - 1600 Monday through Friday. There are currently four dental officers and two full-time hygienists. To schedule an appointment, please walk in or phone 703-696-3460 during normal duty hours.

Routine dental services are available for active duty personnel only. However, any eligible beneficiary may receive emergency treatment. The Active Duty Dental Plan is a comprehensive dental plan available to the spouses and children of active-duty members of the seven uniformed services.