How to Best Use the Opportunity Overview Call in Direct Sales

3 Steps to Growing Your Direct Sales Business Using the Overview Call

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Use the opportunity overview call to explain your direct sales business for you. Credit: Hero Images | Getty Images

Many new direct sales reps are excited about their businesses, but they worry about making mistakes, and are anxious about making contact with their leads and prospects. While scripts can help, many people still feel nervous and flustered when they need to contact someone to explain the business opportunity.

Fortunately, the tried and true opportunity call is effective and easy. Many network marketing companies or their teams offer the opportunity overview call that shares the business so the new (or even veteran rep) doesn’t have to.

Not only does it take away anxiety over memorizing a script, but also, it models an easy, duplicatable way to share the business, which can appeal to potential new reps.

How to Use the Opportunity Overview Call Line

There are three very easy steps for developing a duplicatable system for sponsoring so you can become a network marketing success. Not only are they easy for you, but for your new recruits as well.

After you have determined the potential person’s interest in starting a home business, follow these three easy steps:

1. Give the prospect the opportunity overview phone number. Ask them when they will have time to listen to the call and set an appointment for the follow-up call.

2. Call the prospect at the appointed time, after they've heard the message and ask two questions:

“What did you like best about the call?” Be sure to validate their point. For example, “I like that that I can order online too.”

“What questions do you have about what you heard?” Let them know that it was a good question, and then ask them to hold for a moment to get it and other questions answered.

3. Three-way call your up-line or sales leader and introduce them to your potential rep. Your up-line will provide you with an introduction, that will be something like:

“(Prospect Name‘s) this is Deb, my manager. She is one of the most knowledgeable reps in the field. She has all the facts, as well as a heart the size of Texas. Deb lives life to its fullest and is a fun-loving individual who has positioned herself in a very short time with MyFantasticCompany as one of the top income-producers in the company. Deb, this is (prospect’s name).”

Let Your Up-line Do the Talking

The above introduction sets up your leader as an expert with your potential new business partner. Do not say a word during the call, let your up-line do the talking.

Your up-line will likely say or cover the following points:

  • “It is a pleasure to meet you (prospect Name).”
  • “What did you like best about the call?” She’ll then validate the comment and offer some clarifying information. “Yes, the online ordering is such a convenience, and so easy to share with your customers.”
  • “What questions do you have about what you heard?” Your up-line will probably validate that it’s a good question, and then answer it, perhaps offering more clarification or benefits.
  • “What other questions did you have or are you ready to get started?”
  • If there are more questions, your up-line will continue to answer and then ask “Are you ready to get started,” until there are no more questions.
  • “What part of the benefit package interested you the most? Were you more interested in the finance side, the discount, or free product part, travel or both?” This question will vary depending on your company, but the goal is to identify what your prospect is most excited about.
  • “Great, now this is not for everyone. Before we get you started, in order for you to attain the successes you desire you must be coach-able. Are you coachable?” This may seem like pushing, but it’s key in direct sales. You have access to system, but it only works if people work it. If they’re not willing to follow the system and do the work, it’s a waste of your time and theirs.
  • “Great! Following instructions is really important when learning a new field, are you able to follow instructions?” Again, this might seem obnoxious, but it’s difficult to be a top seller in direct sales if you learn the product and system. The upline and tools of the company will provide the instruction, but the new rep has to use them.
  • “Great! Finally, our company is based on honesty and integrity, will you be able to follow the ethical guidelines set up with XYZ Company? Great, how soon would you like to start receiving the benefits?”
  • “OK. What address do you want your product and checks sent to?”

At this point, you fill in the application, making sure to spell the new reps name and address correctly.

The above is a sample of what your up-line might ask or talk to your potential new business part about. The exact questions will change depending on your company.

Further, you do not need to use your up-line leader to help you. Anyone in the company who is available and able to help you can be contacted. You can use the three simple steps to sponsoring in conjunction with another company brochure or as a stand-alone program for getting new sales reps into the system of bringing in more consultants.

The beauty of this simple program is that even a brand new distributor is able to ask the first three questions and then three-way call an up-line leader. Even if you are an awesome sponsor, it pays to use this system because it shows how simple it is that your newbies can do it too.

Create Your Own Overview Line

If your sales company does not provide an overview line, then create your own. There are many free conference bridge services with recording capabilities so that you can create your own opportunity overview line.

Then just teach your team how to use this system of sponsoring that is duplicate-able.

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