Overseas Employment Opportunities

Michelle Obama Visits Peace Corps Volunteers In Siem Reap
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Opportunities for international employment abound.One of the best-known ways to get a chance to go overseas is with the Peace Corps - the toughest job you'll ever love! Susan interviewed on her college campus last fall for a position as a Peace Corps volunteer. Late this summer she'll be heading for a two year stint with the Peace Corps in Africa. The application process can be arduous, but, the rewards are many.

The Peace Corps recruits on many college campuses or you can send for an application packet online. Though many students find the Peace Corps an ideal transition from colleges, there isn't an upper age limit. I just read about a woman who did two tours one starting at age seventy, the second at eighty!

Short Term Opportunities

If roughing it in the Peace Corps doesn't sound like fun there are plenty of other alternatives. Short term options can be an ideal way of finding out what a country is like without a long-term commitment. There are organizations who can help place you and help with the necessary work permits and visas. The Council on International Educational Exchange, referred to as CIEE, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people gain understanding, acquire knowledge and develop skills for living in a global culture. CIEE has a Work Abroad Program for students and recent graduates that allows American students to spend three to six months in France, Ireland, Canada, Germany, New Zealand or Costa Rica.

BUNAC offers US students participating in the Work in Britain program to take any type of employment, subject to government approval, anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for up to six months. Other options are available for students from other countries.

State Department Careers

Full-time employment opportunities are varied.

The US State Department hires Foreign Service Officers, Foreign Service Specialists and Civil Service employees. The State Department also has information on teaching opportunities at international schools. If you are interested in teaching in Japan, O-Hayo Sensei, the newsletter of teaching jobs in Japan, is published twice a month and you can sign up to receive it via email. The last issue contained a long list of job openings as well as helpful hints on currency exchange rates and housing options.

International Job Listings

For a broad range of international job listings, Overseas Jobs Express offers a keyword search of international openings or you can browse all the listings. Career Exchange, is another international jobs databases. Listings are updated daily and you can submit your resume directly to the employer. Reviewing these sites will give you a chance to see what types of positions are available and perhaps help you narrow down your search to a particular country. There are a variety of other ​​international jobs databases you can use to search for listings.

Country Information

To find more information on countries that interest you, The Library of Congress Country Studies contains very detailed information on over 85 countries.