Ovation Credit Services by LendingTree Review

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Our Take

Ovation Credit Services, Inc. has an excellent reputation, with the costs of its credit repair services about average for the industry ($79 to $109 per month) and financial management tools always included. 

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  • Key Takeaways
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Pros and Cons
  • Pricing is transparent, and credit repair costs ($79 to 109 per month) are about average for the industry

  • Discounts are available for couples, seniors, military members, and more

  • Credit repair services can be canceled at any time

  • Financial management tools are provided with both pricing plans

  • Parent company (LendingTree) is publicly traded with a good reputation

  • Applications for credit repair services are conducted by phone only

  • Credit monitoring is only available with the company’s higher-cost plan

Key Takeaways
  • Ovation Credit Services is well-established (founded in 1976) with a reputable, publicly traded parent company (LendingTree).  
  • The company provides a comprehensive credit repair program, including a fast, same-day solution.
  • Unlike some of the competition, 24/7 support and online chat aren’t available.
  • Ovation has an excellent A+ rating with the BBB.
  • The company has an excellent 4.3-star rating with Trustpilot. 
  • Pricing is about average for the industry, with monthly costs ranging from $79 to $109.
  • Year Founded 2004
  • Average Cost $79 to $109 per month
  • Types of credit repair services available Credit dispute, debt validation and creditor goodwill letters, financial management tools, credit monitoring, and more
  • Monthly monitoring options TransUnion credit report monitoring with the Essential Plus Plan
  • Official Website https://www.ovationcredit.com/
  • Customer Support 1-866-639-3426

Ovation Credit Services, Inc. is a credit repair company owned by LendingTree. The company offers two levels of credit repair services, with its Essentials Plan carrying a one-time (first work) fee of $89 and a monthly fee of $79 and its Essentials Plus Plan having the same one-time fee and a monthly cost of $109. While Ovation’s pricing is typical for its industry, the services provide a good value. Even better, the company offers excellent discounts to couples, seniors, military members, and more.

The main drawback to Ovation Credit Services is that it doesn’t offer an online application, and you can’t get 24/7 online support. Still, great customer reviews reported to both the BBB and Trustpilot somewhat offset this issue. We considered all of this and more in our review of Ovation Credit Services. Read on for our full take.

Company Overview: Well-Established With a Reputable Parent Company

Ovation Credit Services is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and was founded in 1976 (incorporated in 2004), making it one of the most well-established credit repair companies we reviewed. LendingTree is focused on providing consumers with a comprehensive set of financial services that includes mortgages, personal loans, debt consolidation, and more.

Available Services: Fast and Comprehensive Credit Repair Services

Ovation offers comprehensive credit repair services that can be customized to your needs after a free consultation with a professional credit analyst. Should you choose Ovation Credit Services, you’ll get to work one-on-one with a credit repair advisor and can even get same-day services via the company’s Fast Track program. Plus, it offers two credit repair plans, with its Essentials Plus Plan allowing for more customization and ongoing credit monitoring. The credit repair services provided by Ovation are more comprehensive and customizable than many of the other credit repair companies we reviewed. Its same-day services are unique.

Essentials Plan

The basic credit repair program offered by Ovation Credit is called the Essentials Plan. With this plan, you can dispute any item on your credit report you believe to be erroneous. You’ll get to work with a personal case advisor, who will navigate you through the credit dispute process. Furthermore, you’ll be provided with financial management tools, such as resources to allow you to build a budget and debt repayment plan. You’ll pay a one-time $89 first work fee and a monthly fee of $79. Discounts are available to those switching from another credit repair company and for qualified referrals, as well as to couples, seniors, and military members.

Essentials Plus Plan

The higher-level credit repair program offered by Ovation Credit includes everything you get with the Essentials Plan, plus an unlimited amount of custom validation dispute and creditor goodwill letters, personalized lender recommendation letters, and TransUnion credit report monitoring. This plan may be right for people with multiple or extreme credit issues (e.g., you need your provider to send multiple dispute or goodwill letters). You’ll pay a one-time fee of $89 and a monthly fee of $109. Discounts are available for seniors, military members, couples, and more.

Take Note:

TransUnion credit report monitoring is available if you upgrade to the Essentials Plus Plan

You can add-on TransUnion credit report monitoring by upgrading to Ovation’s Essentials Plus Plan. Some other credit repair companies will provide credit monitoring with all plans, like Credit Saint, so it’s important to understand what’s standard. The TransUnion credit monitoring offered by Ovation will alert you of items that might affect your score and unauthorized credit use. Other companies like The Credit Pros offer a similar level of credit monitoring to Ovation with lower-priced plans but have a more costly one-time setup fee. This is why it's helpful to shop around before choosing a credit repair company.

When you sign up for Ovation’s Essentials Plus Plan, you’ll get an unlimited number of custom validation dispute and goodwill letters, along with personalized lender recommendation letters. Although other companies such as The Credit Pros offer similar services at a lower monthly fee, the one-time setup fee to establish services may be higher. Plus, it’s essential to ask if the letters will be customized. The number of custom validation dispute and goodwill letters Ovation will send on your behalf is unlimited.

If you only need to send a couple of dispute or goodwill letters, you might be better off choosing a company that offers per item pricing or doing it yourself. If you have a lot of credit issues, Ovation’s plan may be a better option because you’ll know with certainty how much you’re going to pay for its services. Plus, you can cancel your plan at any time, and Ovation will refund your monthly fees if you don’t get the agreed-upon services. Its pricing transparency, ability to cancel at any time, and refund policy stack up nicely with the competition.

Optional Add-Ons: Get More by Upgrading Your Plan

If you want additional services, you can get them by upgrading to the Essentials Plus Plan offered by Ovation Credit Services. The company doesn’t offer any other a-la-carte services.

Customer Service: No Online Support and Limited Hours of Operation

The Ovation customer service team is available by phone at 1-866-639-3426 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST) on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. You can also reach the company by e-mail for matters related to its services (info@ovationcredit.com), with any questions (questions@ovationcredit.com), and more. Unlike much of the competition, you can’t apply for services online, 24/7 support isn’t available, and you can’t chat with customer service online. This is one of the most significant drawbacks of Ovation Credit Services compared to the competition.

Reputation: Limited Complaints

Ovation is owned by LendingTree, a publicly traded company founded in 1997. There have been 74 BBB complaints in the past three years, mostly related to billing and collection issues. Ovation takes these matters seriously, as evidenced by its responses to BBB complaints.

Take Note:

Ovation takes customer complaints seriously and makes an effort to respond to complaints registered through the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Satisfaction: Excellent Service Reported by Most Reviewers

Ovation has almost 4-star customer reviews with the BBB, which is good. Plus, Ovation Credit has an excellent 4.6-star rating with Trustpilot. Several of the BBB and Trustpilot reviewers praised its case advisors by name, noting excellent customer service. Some of the negative reviews on both sites are related to billing issues. Even so, most reviewers seem to like doing business with Ovation Credit Services.

Cost: Good and Transparent Pricing

The pricing offered by Ovation Credit Services is transparent at about the industry average. While its pricing isn’t the cheapest out of the competition, Ovation provides a better-than-average set of credit repair services for what it charges. Its Essentials Plan includes basic credit dispute services, one-on-one case advising, and financial management tools. Plus, the discounts Ovation offers to couples, seniors, military members, and more are better than most of the companies we reviewed. For example, Sky Blue only offers a couples discount. 

You’ll pay a one-time fee of $89 and a monthly fee of $79 for the Essentials Plan. If you have more severe credit issues, the Essentials Plus Plan adds on unlimited validation dispute and goodwill letters, lender recommendation letters, and TransUnion credit report monitoring for the same one-time fee and a monthly fee of $109. Ovation’s pricing is about average for the industry.

For comparison purposes, Credit Saint’s pricing starts at a monthly rate of $79.99 and a one-time $99 fee, with its high-end plan carrying a monthly rate of $119.99 and a whopping $195 one-time fee. In contrast, Sky Blue charges a one-time fee and a monthly fee of $79 each. Keep in mind, the credit repair services you’ll get with each provider vary, so pay attention to the details when shopping around.

The following table summarizes the costs Ovation Credit Services charges for each plan:

Plan One-Time Monthly Fee
Essentials Plan $89 $79
Essentials Plus Plan $89 $109

The Competition: Ovation Credit Services vs. Lexington Law

A well-known competitor to Ovation Credit Services is Lexington Law. Both companies offer multiple plans, with monthly fees starting at $79 for Ovation and $89.95 for Lexington Law. 

While Ovation Credit Services offers financial management tools standard, similar tools are only available with Lexington’s PremierPlus Plan. In contrast, you’ll get slightly more robust credit monitoring with Lexington Law’s PremierPlus Plan than what’s included in Ovation’s Essentials Plus Plan. Notably, there’s an active complaint from the CFPB against Lexington Law related to how it was charging its customers. All said, Ovation Credit Services not only has a better reputation than Lexington Law, but it also provides its customers with move value overall.

  Ovation Credit Services Lexington Law
Monthly Price $79 to $109 $89.95 to $129.95
First Work Fees $89 $89.95 to $129.95
Number of Plans Two Three
BBB Customer Reviews Nearly 4-star Just under 2-star
Final Verdict

Reputable Credit Repair Company Providing Good Value

Based on our methodology, Ovation Credit Services is a great option if you’re looking for a reputable credit repair company that will provide you with a good value. Ovation is reputable on its own and even more so given the reputation of its publicly traded parent company, LendingTree. The cost of its credit repair services is average for the industry, with Ovation offering a good level of credit repair services and financial management tools at even its lowest-cost plan. The main drawbacks are that Ovation Credit doesn’t offer an online application and 24/7 online support isn’t available, but these are offset by great customer reviews reported to both the BBB and Trustpilot.

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