Our Money’s on Travel

After a Year of Staying Home, We’re Ready to Take the Leap

Welcome to Our Money’s on Travel, a series to celebrate—and help you plan—a return to the wanderings that many of us have missed so badly. We’ve socially distanced and stayed at home, and now we’re itching to make our great, safe, escape.  “The desperation to travel is real,” explained Erin Murray, a marketing executive for the loyalty program consultancy Points, in the opening story of our series

Think of this as your money-wise guide to taking the leap. Whether you’ve been squirreling away funds while home-bound for the past year, or hoarding credit card rewards you’ve earned on groceries and take-out, we can help you make the most of those resources. Even if you’re just starting to save for a vacation, we want to make sure you can break free without breaking the bank. 

The series starts with a deep dive into what you can expect in the way of fares, deals, and availability as the travel industry gears up again. We’ll have more stories every week on how to budget, save, and fund your travel dreams with credit card points, whether you’re taking flight or hitting the road. We’ll even have tips on how to WFH (work from a hotel) and plan your (possibly long-delayed) wedding travel.

To navigate your way through the series, click on the drop-down menu above that says “Part of OUR MONEY'S ON TRAVEL” and choose a story to view. Or, scroll to the carousel of images just below this text. Safe travels!